What is the average salary in Uruguay?

I often get asked what salaries are like in Uruguay. If you have any idea of the cost of living, you may be surprised. Figures from Dec 2023.
By Karen A Higgs
Last updated on April 26, 2024

Find out the average monthly salary in Uruguay

As prices in general are pretty expensive in Uruguay, I often get asked this. Let me share with you numbers from the National Statistics Institute from December 2023. You can also compare with the statistics from July 2020.

The figures look at the average income of a 2 adult, 2 child household and per person per month. You will see that salaries are higher in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, compared to the rest of the country. Half of the nation’s population resides in the capital.

AVERAGE INCOME Montevideo Rest of Uruguay
Average household income 111,438 pesos 2909 USD* 74,165 pesos 1936 USD
Average per capita income 39,980 pesos 1044 USD 27,713 pesos 671 USD

The median figures are more sombre. Median being the income of ‘bottom’ 50% of the population.

MEDIAN INCOME Montevideo Rest of Uruguay
Median household income 82,939 pesos 2165 USD* 62,615 pesos 1634 USD
Median per capita income 36,134 pesos 943 USD 23,532 pesos 614 USD

An attractive place to live

Over the last decade and a half years a growing number of Europeans and North Americans have been moving to Uruguay. It’s partly down global factors and the progressive nature and long time stability of Uruguay’s laws and economy. For decades our neighbours—particularly Argentina and to a lesser extent Brazil—have regarded Uruguay as a safe haven for investment, buying apartments and keeping saving here. And particularly after Uruguay’s excellent response to the coronavirus epidemic, more and more people began seriously looking at Uruguay as a secure, desirable place to live.

But expensive

Uruguay is overall an expensive place to live, with prices comparable to countries in the north where people earn significantly higher salaries. The Numbeo website has figures that look in detail at the cost of living in Uruguay. I can testify that they look pretty accurate.

So as you can see from the average income in Uruguay, it’s not an easy place to make ends meet. One of the first questions that I ask my clients who contact me to help them figure out if Uruguay is a good fit for themselves and their families is how they are planning to support themselves.

Thinking about living in Uruguay?

Personal recommendations are essential to getting good service when living in Uruguay, maybe more than in other countries. Guru’Guay only recommends specialists and companies we know personally and professionally and—crucially—have vetted.

*We used xe.com to convert from Uruguayan pesos to US dollars. The exchange rate on 25 April 2024 was 1 USD = 38.3127 UYU

Guru’Guay would like to thank Rodrigo Álvarez of Neurona Financiera for his cooperation in making this article possible.




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  1. My spouse and I have permanent residency in Uruguay. Our cedulas will have to be renewed in August of 2026. In the past we have spent at least 6 months per year in the country, however for the past 14 months we have had to return to the United Staes to attend to medical issues (a knee replacement for myself and a cornea transplant for my spouse. We will be returning to Uruguay in June of this year. Would you recommend our speaking with Laura Canepa about our absence? She helped us with residency.

    1. Hi Kenneth, if you are planning to apply for citizenship then I would say yes. I almost thought you must have seen my recent interview with Laura (Canepa of Mobility LC) on getting Uruguay citizenship because she talks about managing one’s migratory process to keep everything in order. Perhaps you did! Anyway, it sounds like a good idea to reach out to her, yes. Cheers, Karen

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