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Academia Uruguay

Learn Spanish in Uruguay


If you are interested in learning Spanish, Academia Uruguay, a small language school in the Old City of Montevideo, is a great option. They also offer Spanish classes online.

Who studies at Academia? Students are aged 18 to eighty. They include people getting prepared for a big trip around South America. Folks retiring to Uruguay. Students studying for university credits back home. The descendents of Uruguayans who are back to rediscover their roots.

Safety and “peace and quiet” are two of the main reasons travellers choose Montevideo to study Spanish, according to Soledad, the language director at Academia Uruguay.

What’s included

Classes are available all year round online and face to face. New courses start on the first Monday of every month.

An online learning platform for self-guided study Academia used the pandemic to set up their own learning platform. So you can learn when it suits you. And (I’m glad to say) … this is not Duolingo. The platform is designed to be complementary to your classes—where a real life teacher is teaching you live from Montevideo.

Cultural activities In Uruguay, Academia offers a weekly program of fun, authentic experiences and events for students. The online platform is chockful of activities that will get you familiar with all things Uruguay. I loved the modules on popular Uruguay musicians.

Assistance with accommodation You can arrange everything from transportation from the airport to apartment rental or a home stay with the school.

What you should know

Affordable personal Spanish classes Academia now offers an affordable way to learn Spanish which combines 16 hours of classes per month online with a teacher combined with unlimited platform access. The course is designed to take 30 hours a month and costs 180 USD. This is really a great deal. As an ex-language teacher, I believe that 30 hours a month learning is really the minimum if you’re expecting to gain anything like conversational fluency.

Small group size Groups are really personalised online and in person. They are normally not more than 6 people. In fact you can request your own group if you bring together three or more students of the same level.

If you’re planning to move to Uruguay, you’ll really be kickstarting your adaptation You’ll learn the local accent, which is very different to Mexico or Spain. That will make thing soooo much easier once you are here. Not to mention the multiple benefits of meeting several times a week with a native Uruguayan and all the things that you’ll be able to learn regarding day to day life in Uruguay as well as the history and culture.

Speciality language classes There are intensive courses, Spanish for tango enthusiasts, Spanish for Portuguese-speakers.



Academia Uruguay
Juan Carlos Gómez 1408, Montevideo, Uruguay

+598 2915 2496
[email protected]

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