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ATMs dispense Uruguayan pesos – and US dollars. There are ATMs in the airports, bus stations and at the port in Montevideo. Some travellers to Uruguay find they cannot withdraw more than 200 USD at a time from ATMs or worse, nothing at all. The Guru has some advice following telephone calls with one of Uruguay’s two ATM networks.

ATM withdrawal limits and charges

Some visitors complain that they can only withdraw a small amount of cash (eg less than 200 USD) from ATMs in Uruguay. This is a limit placed by your bank back home.

To be able to withdraw more money, make sure you have made an arrangement with your bank before you travel.

The withdrawal fees in Uruguay vary but you can expect to pay between 3-6 USD per withdrawal to the Uruguayan bank, as well as your own bank fees.

Another reason why it could be worth negotiating the withdraw limit with your bank before you travel.

Having problems withdrawing from ATMs in Uruguay?

Uruguay has two ATM networks – Red BROU and Banred. If one does not work for you, try the other.

Use the terminals that have Cirrus/Maestro/Link/VISA and other stickers on them. The other terminals are for Uruguayan card users only.

Try withdrawing from 11am to 7pm. For some weird reason, as an international card holder you may only be able to withdraw during these times according to Banred.

ATMs in Montevideo that work with international cards

I called the Banred network to find out a number of ATMs that should work with international cards. Here is a short list of some centrally-located ATMs (but there are many others):

Ciudad Vieja
Sarandi 402 on the corner of Zavala (Bandes Bank)
Zavala 1463 on the corner of 25 de mayo (Itau)

18 de Julio and Julio Herrera (Santander)
18 de Julio and Paraguay (Bandes)
18 de Julio and Ejido (Itau)

Tres Cruces and Punta Carretas shopping malls (not the Montevideo Shopping mall) Tres Cruces is where the bus station is.

I hope all this helps!

Photo: Bryan Mason “I’m a millionaire”

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