How much does the Buenos Aires-Montevideo ferry cost?

We check out recent prices for the ferry between Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Uruguay capital, Montevideo.
By Karen A Higgs
ferry from buenos aires to montevideo
Last updated on September 15, 2022

Key information about the ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo

I looked online for the price of tickets to travel by ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo in one week’s time.

Buquebus is the only company to offer a direct ferry service takes you directly from Buenos Aires to Montevideo and vice versa in just over two hours. It is cheaper to take a “ferry and bus combo” which involves a one-hour ferry ride to Colonia continuing by comfortable bus to Montevideo. This takes twice the time of the direct ferry.

Beware that Buquebus charges more during periods of higher demand. Theirs is the only site with dynamic pricing.

Prices of direct one-way travel Buenos Aires-Montevideo



Cost of cheapest one-way ticket (USD)*

Most expensive one-way ticket (USD)*

Duration of travel

Frequency (daily)

Colonia Express

Ferry and bus combo



4.75 hrs



Ferry and bus combo



4 hrs



Direct ferry



2.25 hrs



Note: I used a one-way rate because buying a return (two-way) ticket does not give you a discount. You will simply pay the equivalent of two one-ways.
* The prices were in Argentine pesos on Sep 15 2022. I converted them into US dollars and rounded them up using an exchange rate of apx 143 ARS to the dollar.

Guru’Guay offers this information as a guide and accepts no responsibility for prices or changes.

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Getting between Uruguay and Argentina by ferry

It’s REALLY easy to go between Uruguay and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Plus helpful tips! People want to know how to get to Uruguay. Most people fly direct to Montevideo, but many come by ferry from Argentina. Here’s a quickie Guru’Guay video series to learn more plus helpful tips to save you time and money.

Cover photo by Fefo Bouvier

[This article was first written August 9 2016 however as lots of people read it, I keep it up regularly dated. For date last updated see top]




28 Responses

  1. Hi,

    As I am not finding on the net and would like to know if Buquebus refunds money on cancellation due unforeseen circumstances and up to how much do they deduct.



  2. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for your website. Do you know how far out in advance Buquebus publishes ticket prices for the direct Buenos Aires – Montevideo ferry?
    Thank you!

  3. I’m excited to come visit Montevideo in March with my family. We plan to take the ferry to Buenos Aires for about five days and I’m wondering how far in advance we should expect to book the ferry. I presume we can’t just show up. Should we book now for late March? Or wait until a few weeks before? Just got the Guru’Guay book and already love it; thanks for helping us plan our trip!

    1. Hey Dan, you’ll definitely want to book. I don’t believe you can actually buy at the port. As there is dynamic pricing I’d say to monitor the price for a few days and then book. So glad you like the book! It would be amazing if you’d like to be the first person to review it in Amazon this year?! All the best, Karen

  4. The article is not very clear to me: is this a passenger ferry only or can you take your car on the ferry? Surely there must be a difference in price just to cross the river or to take your car? Or do you have to drive all the way to BA if you want to go by car? Hard to imagine …

    1. Hi Stefan, sorry about that. The ferries are for both cars and passengers. The prices we mention are for passengers only. The car and passengers are charged separately (Buquebus refers to the cost as ‘Bodega’, the deck for cars only). I looked at prices for a car for next week and it costs about the same as for one tourist-class passenger. Please note that most rental cars cannot be taken cross-border. Hope this helps. Best, Karen

  5. Hi, very helpful info here!

    I want to travel BA – Colonia or Montevideo by ferry in 2023. Question: On which of the ferries is it possible to sit “outside”, ie on an open deck during (part of) the crossing?

    Cheers, Nachtmatthes (Germany)

    1. My understanding is that only the extremely slow ferry to Colonia (5 hours instead of 50 minutes) is available for outside seating.

  6. Boa noite.
    Tem como ir com carro na balsa?
    Pretendo ir de carro para Montevideo e de lá seguir de carro até Buenos Aires. E possível fazer a travessia do Rio da Prata de balsa?

  7. Hi WelshWitch – have things changed recently (writing on the 13th Feb from Gaiman, Welsh Patagonia!), Looking to go from BA to Montevideo very soon. Thanks!

  8. Lots of info but confusing. Any Idea of the cost and timing on 13 July from Buenos Aires to Colonies in USD.
    Many Thanks in Advance

    1. Chris, you can travel on Colonia Express leaving 8.15am and getting in an hour later for anything from around 600 pesos, which is about 20 USD. The Seacat boat leaves at 8am and costs a couple of dollars more. The websites show Argentina pesos or Uruguayan pesos as you will have noticed, not dollars. Best Karen

  9. I took the Buquebus ferry from Montevideo to Buenos Aires on Mar 26 and paid a little over 1600 Uruguayan pesos or about $50 US one way for tourist class. It was comfortable enough and took 2 hrs. I was going to Eze to catch a flight. A black and yellow cab from in front of the terminal cost 400 Argentinian pesos or abput $28 US from the ferry terminal to the airport, if anyone is interested.

  10. Are you know if is possible buy the cheapiest ticket in the plataform on the same day of boarding? Thanks

    1. Hi Charles, I do not expect you can get the **cheapest** tickets at the port, as they are usually sold online (eg Colonia Express’ “web” tariff). For Seacat tickets you must go to their sales office (Córdoba 772, Buenos Aires) a few blocks away from the Buenos Aires ferry terminal – they do not sell tickets at the port. All the best, Karen

    1. Hi Ever, I have been planning to write something about coming to Uruguay via the Tigre Delta. It is picturesque, but significantly longer. More soon on that then, and thanks for the prompting. Best Karen

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