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Key information about the ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo

I looked online for the price of tickets to travel by ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo in one week’s time.

BuqueBus is the only company to offer a direct ferry service takes you directly from Buenos Aires to Montevideo and vice versa in just over two hours. It is cheaper to take a “ferry and bus combo” which involves a one-hour ferry ride to Colonia continuing by comfortable bus to Montevideo. This takes twice the time of the direct ferry.

Beware that Buquebus charges more during periods of higher demand. Theirs is the only site with dynamic pricing.

Prices of direct one-way travel Buenos Aires-Montevideo



Cost of cheapest one-way ticket (USD)*

Most expensive one-way ticket (USD)*

Duration of travel

Frequency (daily)

Colonia Express

Ferry and bus combo



4.75 hrs



Ferry and bus combo



4 hrs



Direct ferry



2.25 hrs


Note: I used a one-way rate because buying a return (two-way) ticket does not give you a discount. You will simply pay the equivalent of two one-ways.
* The prices were in Argentine pesos on Oct 21 2021. I converted them into US dollars and rounded them up using an exchange rate of apx 99 ARS to the dollar.

It’s important that you visit the travel company websites for the exact prices of tickets. Guru’Guay offers this information as a guide and accepts no responsibility for prices or changes.

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[This article was first written August 9 2016 however as lots of people read it, I keep it up regularly dated. For date last updated see top]

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