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Montevideo gaucho festival - by Montecruz Foto

Gaucho week in Montevideo – Easter

Traditional food, handmade goods, and South American cowboys riding wild horses. It’s the Semana Criolla – Montevideo’s Easter gaucho festival.

Those unmistakable rural schools in Uruguay

Those unmistakable rural schools in Uruguay

In the 1960s, a philanthropist and an engineer set about replacing “school shacks” in the poorest, most remote parts of Uruguay. They went on to build 228.

25 de agosto - uruguay countryside best things to do

The extraordinary murals of 25 de agosto

The sleepiest little towns in Uruguay can be full of surprises. This one just an hour from Montevideo is home to over 100 murals by a French artist.


The bell tower in the middle of nowhere

Looking for unique things to do in Uruguay? Be one of the only overseas travelers ever to climb to the top of this carillon in remote Cerro Colorado.


Driving in the Uruguay countryside

Driving in the interior of Uruguay is a real pleasure. Calculate a little extra time and relax on some of the emptiest roads in the world.

Exploring the Uruguayan interior

Exploring the Uruguayan interior

Deepest Uruguay begins just an hour from the capital. Explore centuries-old ranches, a village with 100 murals, a Milk Festival & ghostly train stations.

Carmelo: The Uruguayan Tuscany

Not a huge amount to things to do in Carmelo, besides drink wine. Thank god! Visit vineyards, drink fine wine & relax in a tiny Tuscany without the hordes.