Best unique hotels in Uruguay

We track down the best hotels & accommodations in Uruguay. Stay in Montevideo, beaches in Punta del Este & José Ignacio, on an estancia or near wineries.

Best unique hotels in Uruguay

We track down the best hotels & accommodations in Uruguay. Stay in Montevideo, beaches in Punta del Este & José Ignacio, on an estancia or near wineries.

Best hotels at the beach in Uruguay

The best hotels in Uruguay beaches are run by hands-on owners who want you to have an unforgettable time. Immerse yourself in the charm of Uruguay’s hotels on and off the Atlantic ocean. Deserted beaches, accommodation for all budgets and a serene atmosphere converge to offer an unforgettable experience.

The most well-established beaches are in the department of Maldonado two hours east of the capital. Punta del Este is probably the most famous beach resort in South America after Río de Janeiro, full of highrises and a frenetic summer scene. La Barra and Manantiales are hipper with great eateries, surfing competitions and art galleries. José Ignacio, a tiny semi-rural peninsula with 28 permanent residents, has become the vacation choice of an international jet-set—think Mark Zuckerberg. Don’t miss recommendations inland.

The wildest beaches are in the department of Rocha (say ROH-cha) on the Atlantic coast closest to Brazil. These beaches were isolated and frequented solely by locals until a trickle of intrepid Argentinian backpackers started arriving in the 90s. Punta del Diablo, Cabo Polonio and La Pedrera are some favourite places. The vibe at most Rochense beaches is Uruguayan hippie though more sophisticated offerings are beginning to emerge. Destinations are 3-4.5 hours from the capital. And spend some time to travel inland to the sierras. 

Big Bang Nature Stays – Bohemian beach domes

Caballos de Luz – Horseback riding in Uruguay sierras

Casa Flor – Live the Uruguay coast like a local (VIP)

El Diablo y El Mar – Friendly hosts in Punta del Diablo

Il Tano Suites – 420-friendly Punta del Diablo hotel

Muelles del Diablo Tranquilo – Best views in Punta del Diablo

Treehouse Ecolodge – La Barra eco-hotel

Best hotels & ranches in the Uruguay countryside

We track down the best hotels & accommodations in the Uruguay countryside—in the interior and wine country. Live like a gaucho. Sleep in a vineyard. Allow the peace to seep into your soul. Our recommendations are just 1-3 hours drive from the airport.

Many unique things to do in Uruguay lie in the most remote parts of the country. In the north of Uruguay, you can hike valleys and ‘flat top hills’, taste rare Uruguay wines and pan for gold. Plan to spend a week travelling around North Uruguay to really experience ‘deepest’ Uruguay.

Almacén de la Capilla –  Carmelo winery cabaña among the vines

Caliu Earthship Ecolodge & Restaurant – Unique Colonia del Sacramento hotel

Estancia El Ceibo – Deepest Uruguay with minimal travel

Finca Paraíso Escondido – Live Northern Uruguay with the locals

Posada del Minero – Explore north Uruguay & the gold rush

Sacromonte – Landscape hotel & vineyard

San Pedro de Timote – Uruguay’s most historic estancia

Villa Pancha Lunarejo – The place for hiking in Uruguay

Best hotels in Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, offers a perfect mix of history, culture, and coastal charm. From old colonial streets to lively neighbourhoods, it’s a city that captivates. Enjoy scenic walks along the rambla (the longest boardwalk in the world), vibrant markets, green parks and delicious local cuisine in this welcoming urban gem.

Uruguay travel itineraries

Looking for a travel itinerary that will take you to some unforgettable locations in Uruguay? Explore these routes created just for you.

Driving & car hire in Uruguay

Explore Uruguay with peace of mind as you drive through its diverse landscapes. With a focus on safe driving, these tips will guide you on a memorable journey, complemented by a great little car rental company recommendation.


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