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Sent on 12 May 2023 Uruguay offering a new digital nomad visa 💃🏻🇺🇾

Sent on 28 Apr 2023 🇺🇾’s first online national census starts tonight + when is the best time to visit

Sent on 31 Mar 2023 Why Uruguay celebrates “Tourism Week”—not Easter

Sent on 18 Mar 2023 9 days in Uruguay 🇺🇾 An intrepid reader shares his holiday experiences (it’s not what you might expect)

Sent on 25 Feb 2023 What do Uruguayans think of foreigners? 😱

Sent on 10 Feb 2023 Greetings from Rocha 🌊

Sent on 28 Jan 2023 Are you carnival curious? 🇺🇾

Sent on 14 Jan 2023 The most read articles when you are ready to discover Uruguay 🇺🇾

Sent on 30 Dec 2022 Happy 2023!! & a gift from us to you 🇺🇾💙

Sent on 10 Dec 2022 This organic olive 🫒 grove in the Uruguay countryside 50 mins from airport 🇺🇾

Sent on 26 Nov 2022 Summer’s here & the most Uruguayan thing happened 🇺🇾😂

Sent on 12 Nov 2022 That mad idea for a land-based biz in Uruguay? 🇺🇾

Sent on 29 Oct 2022 A little weekend watching about 🇺🇾??

Sent on 15 Oct 2022 The owners of this 30+ acre ranch are downsizing… Is it for you? 🇺🇾

Sent on 24 Sep 2022 This bread ain’t French, it’s 100% 🇺🇾

Sent on 17 Sep 2022 What are other English-speakers searching on re: Uruguay? 🇺🇾

Sent on 26 Aug 2022 It’s so quiet here 🤫 after Uruguay’s most bizarre annual celebration

Sent on 12 Aug 2022 Uruguay + podcasts for you

Sent on 29 July 2022 Return of the titans 😮 to Uruguay 🇺🇾

Sent on 15 July 2022 May I rant? 😬

Sent on 24 June 2022 World wheat 🌾 shortage — can Uruguay help?

Sent on 10 June 2022 Your handy practical guide to some of the best of Uruguay (June-August) 💝

Sent on 27 May 202 Is Uruguay…? 🇺🇾

Sent on 13 May 2022 If you’d like time with me one on one, I’d be honoured to meet up 🙏🏻

Sent on 29 Apr 2022 Where are some of Uruguay’s best-kept secret beaches? ⛱️

Sent on 15 Apr 2022 Which website about Uruguay gets most visitors? 🇺🇾🧐

Sent on 26 Mar 2022 2022 only gets started in Uruguay from next month 🤣

Sent on 13 Mar 2022 I was asked how the Covid 🦠 situation is in Uruguay right now. Here’s my reply.

Sent on 25 Feb 2022 This is for you if you live, work or are thinking of investing in Uruguay 🇺🇾

Sent on 11 Feb 2022 I’m buying a new build outside Montevideo 😮

Sent on 29 Jan 2022 Conversations “without hairs on the tongue” 😝 about living, working & investing in 🇺🇾

Sent on 25 Dec 2021 Very happy holidays to you from 🇺🇾

Sent on 10 Dec 2021 OMGGG 😱 1,000,000 people have visited the Guru’Guay website 💃🇺🇾

Sent on 27 Nov 2021 For 1 magical moment we were in the Financial Times 💃

Sent on 12 Nov 2021 Make the Uruguay lover in your life very happy ❤️🇺🇾🙏

Sent on 29 Oct 2021 Border opens on Monday 💃 & I wanted to send you a round-up on 🇺🇾+ 🦠

Sent on 15 Oct 2021 This 1914 Montevideo home is sought after by Netflix as a film set 🎬

Sent on 24 Sept 2021 Alice asked what frustrates me 😡 about daily life in Uruguay

Sent on 11 Sept 2021 Property on a deserted beach just 15′ from South America’s hottest beach town? 😮

Sent on 28 Aug 2021 Someone told me they thought Uruguay was a political paradise

Sent on 10 Aug 2021 The news we’ve all been waiting for 🇺🇾👏

Sent on 03 Aug 2021 🇺🇾 Been waiting for Uruguay borders to open?

Sent on 31 July 2021 I wanted to send an update re covid in 🇺🇾, and ended up writing four articles’ worth of info for you 😆

Sent on 17 July 2021 #2 in the world

Sent on 27 June 2021 “After we talked to you it hit us like a speeding train how unprepared we were” 😮

Sent on 19 June 2021 Want to be my neighbour? 😆

Sent on 29 May 2021 The end of quarantine 💃

Sent on 15 May 2021 If you’d like time with me one on one, I’d be honoured to meet up 🙏🏻

Sent on 24 Apr 2021 April 2020 I wrote “in a pandemic there’s no place like Uruguay”. One year on…

Sent on 10 Apr 2021 Not sure if it’s *your* case, but for some readers, this mail is going to be a life-changer

Sent on 27 Mar 2021 I thought cases had peaked end of January but I was wrong 😓

Sent on 20 Mar 2021 Your handy practical guide to some of the best of Uruguay (Mar-May) 😍

Sent on 27 Feb 2021 The planets are aligning for Uruguay’s #1 sector 🤘

Sent on 13 Feb 2021 Happy weekend! May I invite you to have a nose around our new-look website? 😍

Sent on 30 Jan 2021 The first wave is turning downward… 😅

Sent on 16 Jan 2021 If your dream is owning a B&B at the beach in Uruguay, I’ve got news… 😉

Sent on 27 Dec 2020 A special holiday message from Uruguay to you 🎄✨🎉

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