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Carnival dancer at the 'Llamadas' 2020

Montevideo Carnival 2023 dates

Uruguay carnival is back in 2023! The world’s longest carnival returns to Montevideo. We’ve got the when and where.

Horse racing in Uruguay by Jimmy Baikovicius

Uruguay’s Kentucky Derby – January 6

One of the best things to do in Montevideo is visit the horse races. Fun for the family and for architecture buffs the art-deco stadium. Fridays & Sundays.

Public holidays in Uruguay

Public holidays in Uruguay

It’s a good idea to know when public holidays in Uruguay are as most shops close. Public transport is also limited but to a lesser extent.

Uruguay Carnival: 2020 'Llamadas'

6 reasons not to miss carnival in Montevideo

Virtually unknown to people outside of Uruguay, carnival in the capital Montevideo is one of the most authentic in the world. Start planning now for 2023.

Murga, Uruguay carnival

Carnival in Uruguay – what is murga?

Murga is an instantly recognisable musical style associated with carnival. It’s a uniquely Uruguayan phenomenon, with very distant roots in Cadiz, Spain.

Las Llamadas - Uruguay carnival - by Jimmy Baikovicius

San Baltasar Carnival parade – January 6

My friend who’s ‘carnival royalty’ says San Baltasar is like carnival was when she was a child. Your chance to see Uruguay carnival just after new year.

Montevideo #1 in new travel show

The host of this brand new travel show fell in love with Montevideo. The wine, soccer, carnival, food… so many things to do.