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Mark Teuten & Associates

Lawyers & Notaries

Finding an English-speaking Uruguay immigration lawyer who can advise on real estate, employment law, & mediation, aswell, can be a huge relief.

Teuten Lawyers is a firm of lawyers and notaries based in Montevideo serving both locals and foreign individuals and companies. Mark Teuten is Uruguay’s only lawyer dually qualified in the UK and Uruguay.

He’s in a unique position to be able to understand the Uruguayan needs and requirements of foreign clients and those of Uruguayan clients with a need for foreign legal advice.

Mark qualified as an attorney having previously graduated with a BA in Law. He moved to Uruguay in 1990 following his Uruguayan partner and re-qualified as a lawyer in Uruguay. He prides himself on not being “a typical lawyer”. His clients praise him as approachable and trustworthy.

Mark works with a team of lawyers and notaries to provide a range of services and “100% handholding” through the legal process in:

Real estate transactions

  • Advice on the acquisition of urban or rural property.
  • Transaction work for the purchase or sale of real estate.
  • Advice on urban or rural leases.
  • Drafting, reviewing and checking of lease contracts for properties and real estate contracts of any kind.

Advice on immigration

  • Advice on all aspects of immigration and related areas and citizenship.
  • Applications for permanent and temporary residence.
  • Applications for permits allowing minors to travel abroad and tourist visa extensions.
  • Obtaining Uruguayan I.D. cards and driving licences.

Mediation & arbitration

An area which has not been used much to date in Uruguay, but is becoming more frequent as a way of resolving civil, family and employment disputes. Today even standard form contracts used by Uruguayan lawyers contain an obligatory mediation and arbitration clause.

Employment law

The firm has a team of lawyers with ample experience in representing both companies and individuals in labour law matters including:

  • Drafting, revising and reviewing employment contracts.
  • Advising in relation to employment obligations.
  • Representing clients before the government in conciliation hearings, and also in reaching voluntary agreements or at any other stage required by the client.
  • Representing clients in employment law disputes before the courts.

Notarial services

Teuten Lawyers has a notarial department. Services include:

  • Notarial advice regarding the purchase of real estate and cars.
  • Public deeds and review of titles for the sale and purchase of property and cars
  • Drafting and signing of General and Specific Powers of Attorney and letters of authorisation.
  • Advice and drafting regarding the formation of limited companies, limited liability partnerships, non-profit associations and foundations.

Teuten Lawyers also deals with family law and civil and commercial law.


Teuten Abogados
Zabala 1542 Esc.301, Montevideo, Uruguay
+598 2915 46 84 – 2916 16 64

See the Teuten Abogados website for full details of services.

Mark writes on legal and social matters for Guru’Guay—essential reading for anyone living or planning to live in Uruguay.

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