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Finding an English-speaking Uruguay immigration lawyer who can assist on real estate, employment law, & mediation, as well, can be a huge relief.

Teuten Lawyers is a firm of lawyers and notaries based in Montevideo serving both locals and foreign individuals and companies. Mark Teuten is Uruguay’s only lawyer dually qualified in the UK and Uruguay.

He’s in a unique position to be able to understand the Uruguayan needs and requirements of foreign clients and those of Uruguayan clients with a need for foreign legal advice.

Mark qualified as an attorney having previously graduated with a BA in Law. He moved to Uruguay in 1990 following his Uruguayan partner and re-qualified as a lawyer in Uruguay. He prides himself on not being “a typical lawyer”. His clients praise him as approachable and trustworthy.

Mark works with a team of lawyers and notaries to provide a range of services and “100% handholding” through the legal process in:

Real estate transactions

  • Advice on the acquisition of urban or rural property.
  • Transaction work for the purchase or sale of real estate.
  • Advice on urban or rural leases.
  • Drafting, reviewing and checking of lease contracts for properties and real estate contracts of any kind.

Advice on immigration

  • Advice on all aspects of immigration and related areas and citizenship.
  • Applications for permanent and temporary residence.
  • Applications for permits allowing minors to travel abroad and tourist visa extensions.
  • Obtaining Uruguayan I.D. cards and driving licences
  • Opening bank accounts.

Mediation & arbitration

An area which has not been used much to date in Uruguay, but is becoming more frequent as a way of resolving civil, family and employment disputes. Today even standard form contracts used by Uruguayan lawyers contain an obligatory mediation and arbitration clause.

Employment law

The firm has a team of lawyers with ample experience in representing both companies and individuals in labour law matters including:

  • Drafting, revising and reviewing employment contracts.
  • Advising in relation to employment obligations.
  • Representing clients before the government in conciliation hearings, and also in reaching voluntary agreements or at any other stage required by the client.
  • Representing clients in employment law disputes before the courts.

Notarial services

Teuten Lawyers has a notarial department. Services include:

  • Notarial advice regarding the purchase of real estate and cars.
  • Public deeds and review of titles for the sale and purchase of property and cars
  • Drafting and signing of General and Specific Powers of Attorney and letters of authorisation.
  • Advice and drafting regarding the formation of limited companies, limited liability partnerships, non-profit associations and foundations.

Teuten Lawyers also deals with family law and civil and commercial law.


Teuten Abogados
Zabala 1542 Esc.301, Montevideo, Uruguay
+598 2915 46 84 – 2916 16 64

See the Teuten Abogados website for full details of services.

Mark writes occasionally on legal and social matters for Guru’Guay—essential reading for anyone living or planning to live in Uruguay.

28 Responses

  1. My husband and I are relocating/retiring to Uruguay. I recalled Mark Teuten when I first reviewed your YouTube videos in August 2023—knowing that we would need an attorney for immigration, residence, etc. I emailed Mark, and he responded immediately. We set up a Zoom call for an initial consultation, and then six weeks later, we met him again at his office in downtown Montevideo. On our most recent visit to Uruguay in March 2024, we set up our business (SAS). We met Mark again at the Hotel Montevideo, and he was helpful as he validated items we bounced off him. I recommend him to anyone looking for legal advice regarding Estate Planning, Immigration, Real Estate, and other areas of law. His office e-mail address is website is

  2. I will be relocating to Montevideo in April with my husband. I would like to apply for permanent residency.
    I am french/british and have limited spanish and my husband is british with no spanish. Is that something you could help us with ?
    Many thanks, Jérôme

  3. Hi Karen, I stumbled upon one of your youtube videos with a tax expert in Uruuguay. It was very very helpful thank you so much.

  4. Hello, I am considering moving to uruguay. I have a felony from 1996, for self defense, the case was overturned, but because of US shady law practices was forced to take a plea agreement to go home…after a hundred thousand dollars i could’nt gamble anymore…I have all records…I have’nt had any misdemeanors since 2008, (for dui)…no moral turpitude, sex offenses, fraud or bankruptcies ever…Question: in this condition can i buy property in uruguay and live there? I would like to be a citizen, someday…Really right now, I just want to live somewhere safe.

    1. Hey Quinton, thanks for writing. Mark will get back to you by email and I’ll ask him to post here as there may be others who are interested in his response. Cheers — Karen

    2. Hi Quinton. A prior conviction is considered “spent” in Uruguay after 5 years of any sentence being imposed has passed. So if for example you were sentenced to jail for 1 year in 1997, then the conviction would be spent in 2003 and not be an obstacle. Mark

  5. Bonjour,
    Je suis canadien et j’envisage d’émigrer en Uruguay
    A la lecture des documents, je soulève deux points et je voudrais avoir la réponse,une confirmation
    1. Peut-on effectivement ouvrir un compte bancaire sans avoir une adresse de résidence en Uruguay..Je compte m’y rendre en novembre pour planification avant le vrai départ en janvier 2024.
    2,Est’il exact qu’une loi exempt les nouveaux résidents permanents d’impôts sur les intérêts étrangers pour une période 5 à 10 ans.
    De plus, pourriez vous me donner le lien qui me permettra une lecture ,même en espagnol ,de ces 2 questions
    Egalement comment prendre RV à vos bureaux


    Alfred Joassin


    1. Hola Alfred. Gracias por la consulta. Confirmo que se puede abrir una cuenta bancaria como no residente y que hay una exoneracion de impuestos sobre ingresos de instrumentos financieros del exterior (intereses, dividendos etc) por un plazo de 10 años. Con mucho gusto le puedo dar mas infomracion si me escribe a Slds Mark

    2. Je pourrais vou répondre. Oui, vous pourriez ouvrir un compte de banque sans être résident. C’est avec la banque BROU (Banco de la Republica) qu’il faut faire affaire. Ils vont vous demander les pièces d’indentité et de preuves de résidence dans votre pays (facture d’Hydro ou de téléphone). Quant au dépôt minimum, il va falloir demander à la banque.

  6. I am writing to express my interest in relocating to Uruguay from Pakistan. As a Pakistani national and permanent resident, I am seeking guidance regarding the procedures for obtaining a Uruguayan visa, residency, and Sedula card. I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with a concise overview of the application process, necessary documentation, associated costs, and potential timelines. Your expertise and assistance are immensely valued, as they would undoubtedly contribute to a smooth and successful application process.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  7. So, just a quick question… My wife is Uruguayan and still a citizen of Uruguay and I am American and looking to retire in the next few years. One of the requirements for me to obtain a residency in Uruguay is to show income of a certain amount and that it is going into a Uruguay bank account. We have an apartment in Uruguay and also in the states (our main residence). I am not able to get a bank account in Uruguay because I am not a resident even though my wife is. How is this requirement fulfilled? We do have a bank account in Uruguay however it had to be put in my wife’s maiden name. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Roberto, great that you’re looking to retire to Uruguay. I’ll jump in and answer you. As a spouse of Uruguayan, you can get residency automatically. In addition, it is possible to open a bank account without being a resident. Good news for you! — Best, Karen PS If you’d like to get more actionable information regarding your case, know that you can do a consultation with Guru’Guay. And definitely join our newsletter if you haven’t already!

  8. Здравствуйте!

    Я интересуюсь иммиграцией в Уругвай семьёй с ребёнком 5-ти лет. У супруга была судимость за мошенничество в России, он был освобождён 10 лет назад, судимость на данный момент погашена, но в справке отображается информация об инцеденте. Может ли это стать припятствием для получения ПМЖ и гражданства?

  9. Good Day Sir
    My name is Mary Joseph I’m an Indian National living in Singapore from the year 2000 as a Permanent Residence of Singapore (PR). We are 3 family members. myself, My husband Sunil Koshy George and our only Daughter Alina Mary George (8 years) Singapore Primary 3 Student. We are planning to Relocate somewhere in Europe. Our first choice is Uruguay. Because I’m working as a customer service executive. So I used to saw many Uruguayans in singapore as a tourist. From them I came to know that its one of the safest place in Europe to settle down with my family. We need your advise how to Relocate and what is the Formalities are
    Thanking you
    Yours Truly
    Mary Joseph

  10. Replying to Esther:

    You are a Uruguayan citizen as a matter of law, subject to proving you are a grandchild of a Uruguayan. The consulates do not normally issue passports though. What they should give you is a certificate confirming that you are a citizen and you can get a Uruguayan passport when you arrive here. Your husband and child do not need a visa to enter Uruguay if they are Ukrainian citizens. They can come here with you and apply for permanent residence and get citizenship themselves after 3 years of residence.

  11. Hola Karen y Mark!
    Gracias por sus artículos, especialmente por ¿Es difícil conseguir la residencia en Uruguay? y las respuestas en los comentarios.
    Les agradecería mucho que me ayudaran.
    Ahora estoy en Ucrania con mi familia, tan pronto como salga de la zona de guerra, podré obtener mi ciudadanía en uno de los consulados en Europa (como nieta de uruguayos).

    Tengo dos preguntas:
    1. ¿Pueden mi marido y mi hijo (6 años) solicitar un permiso de residencia temporal en el consulado de Europa?

    2. Cuando obtenga la nacionalidad uruguaya, ¿podrán mi marido y mi hijo solicitar la residencia legal definitiva por reagrupación familiar? ¿En cuánto tiempo podrá mi marido obtener el pasaporte y la nacionalidad?

    Gracias de antemano.
    Sinceramente, Esther

    1. Hola Esther, como estas? Siento mucho tu situación, y discuple la demora (estoy de viaje y no vi entrar tu comentario). He pedido a Mark contestarte lo antes que pueda. Abrazos muy muy fuertes — Karen

  12. Hi, I’ve been living in Montevideo for three years and like it here. There is one problem. I purchased an expensive sapphire ring for myself from a jeweler in the US. I paid $7,920 total and it was shipped via Fedex here, and I went to Facal y CIA to arrange to pay import fees. They quoted me a tax of $6,370 dollars, an 80% tax. However, the jeweler sent me a paper from EasyShip that quoted a tax of 22% + 5%, a little more than $2,00, a difference of $4,000. I am pretty sure the 80% quote is excessive and incorrect. The jeweler said that in years of shipping she has never seen a jewelry tax above 30% , and that only rarely.It would actually be cheaper for me to fly to the US and pick it up.

    Can you help me with this?

    Rhett Krone, MD

    1. Hi Rhett, I asked a trusted customs agent to look into your case on my behalf. He confirms that this is exactly what the charges should be. As he said, Uruguay is an expensive country!
      Sorry not to have better news. — Karen

  13. I recently needed some real estate tax advice and recalled reading about Mark Teuten when I first found your site. I emailed Mark and he responded immediately and met with my wife and I within a week even though my concerns were not immediate. He was very informative, helped us calculate the projected tax consequences and was MORE than reasonable. Prior to our meeting he contacted an associate to confirm certain issues and even though our meeting was more of an introductory session he was more than prepared with answers. I will definitely use Mark when it is time for us to move forward. And I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal advice.

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