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 Guru’Guay is a small independent locally-owned business based in Uruguay. If every reader bought our guidebooks (see right) we’d be able to support Guru’Guay platforms quite happily. However until then we have developed a business model that we strongly believe gives you, the reader, the best experiences whether you’re visiting Uruguay or living here.

We track down–or our readers tell us about–wonderful businesses. They may be luxury or home-spun. What is essential, is that, they love Uruguay and what they do as much as we do, and are working hard to offer consistently excellent service.

We only recommend businesses that we’ve **personally experienced**, and then if we totally love them–and only then–, will we invite them to become part of Guru’Guay. To support our work, they provide us with a small financial compensation. In return we write about them on our website and in our social networks.

We love to give these businesses the visibility they deserve.

But our reputation is our capital. Our content is 100% our own opinion and we retain the right to take down a recommendation at any time.

Important note: Guru’Guay is committed to strengthening the tourism industry in Uruguay so that it is year-round. Sometimes we may relax our rules regarding constant quality for an initiative that our readers will love because it is so unique or going against the odds (ie staying open all year round in an environment where everywhere else has closed down). That type of business deserves our recommendation. You can be sure we’ll mention any potentially negative aspect in the ‘What you should know’ section.

Guru’Guay is a registered member of Uruguay Natural, the country brand of Uruguay. We are proud that our publications have been sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay and the Government of Montevideo.

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