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Winter in Plaza Matriz, Montevideo, Uruguay

Winter in Uruguay – sunny and 60° F out

The temperatures for winter in Uruguay (June-August) may look balmy. But you may be in for an unpleasant surprise if you don’t do your research. Start here.

Is Uruguay safe

I’ve lived all over the world. Here’s my evaluation based on my experience living and travelling in Uruguay for the last 20+ years.

Uruguay medicinal teas for coughs & colds

Medicinal teas for coughs & colds

Uruguayans love herbal remedies. When you have a cough or cold, here’s what to look for in the supermarket to make a soothing brew.

Downtown Montevideo by Jimmy Baikovicius

Is Montevideo safe?

Montevideo is one of the safest cities in Latin America but it is still a capital city. Take the regular precautions — and you’ll be just fine. Read on.

healthcare in uruguay

How healthcare works in Uruguay

The cost of living in Uruguay is not low but healthcare is good and affordable. Find out how the Uruguay healthcare system works and how to be eligible.

Beware of Dyed Bank Notes

Beware of dye-marked banknotes

In 2018, a spate of ATM robberies led banks to put dye-packs amongst the bills. Dyed notes were no longer legal tender. The deterrent seems to have worked.