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Gay Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of the friendliest country in South America. Get to know Uruguay’s version of ‘Pride’—known as the Diversity March.

Is Uruguay safe

I’ve lived all over the world. Here’s my evaluation based on my experience living and travelling in Uruguay for the last 20+ years.

Uruguay looks to open cannabis to tourists

Visitors to Uruguay may soon be able to buy cannabis. The motivation, says the govt, is to remove ‘inequality’ between tourists and citizens.

Uruguay: Green leader worldwide

Uruguay has embraced renewable energy for economic reasons and ranks in the world’s top twenty green leaders, according to MIT.

Uruguay is #1 democracy in Latin America

In a world where democracy is under threat, The Economist ranked Uruguay the most democratic country in Latin America and ranked it 15th in the world.

Uruguay and progressive pot laws

Why did Uruguay legalise cannabis?

Anyone that knows Uruguayan politics will not be surprised at the seemingly audacious policy to legalise cannabis. It’s part of a long political tradition.