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More than just a conference call. A Uruguay experience of a lifetime.

One-on-one planning guidance. You know you. And guidebook author and Guru’Guay founder, Karen A Higgs, literally ‘wrote the books’ about Uruguay. Together, you’re going to create the trip you’ve been dreaming about—and have fun while doing it. Karen will answer all your questions, give you pure, honest feedback, and outline an itinerary with so that you can plan an experience of a lifetime.

Itinerary outline. You won’t be left empty handed after we hang up. Karen will send you a one-page itinerary ​outline of the route created.

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What’s in ‘Planning a trip to Uruguay with Guru’Guay’

  • A focused 60-minute travel planning consultation via Zoom with Karen designed to answer your questions & help you create your perfect Uruguay itinerary
  • A planning questionnaire you fill in beforehand to help you define and organise all your questions and thoughts
  • A one-page outline of your Uruguay itinerary we created together

Step 1 Your questions answered
You’ll quickly get the advice you need without spending hours researching online or deciphering which travel advice to take. You’ll finally feel confident (and excited) about your trip.

Step 2 Your itinerary planned
Immersive. Intimate. Slow. Really experiencing Uruguay. Those are the kind of trips we like to plan here at Guru’Guay. When we’re done you’ll have an itinerary outline you’ll love.

Step 3 Saving loads of time and avoid frustration
Doing it alone is overwhelming and making a mistake could cost you more in the long run. We’ll fast track your planning and save you hours and hours of time and money.

Bonus Recording of our coaching session

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Is Planning a trip to Uruguay with Guru’Guay right for you?

  • You’re building your own itinerary and you’re worried about putting it all together (especially where to go and how many nights to stay in each place).
  • You want someone to bounce your ideas off of and give you feedback to help maximise your time in Uruguay.
  • You are looking for a few hidden gems and tips to make your trip extra special.
  • You have a unique travel situation (multi-generational trip, young children, food allergies) or something that you are finding to be particularly challenging to navigate on your own.

Who is this not for

  • You want to see “all of Uruguay” in less than a week.
  • You’re not willing to hear feedback about your current plans. ​
  • You want us to make reservations for you. We are not a travel agent. You can pass our itinerary on to your travel agent to make your bookings—or do them yourself.

An investment? Yes.
A trip of a lifetime? So worth it.


Can’t I just hire a travel agent?

You can totally hire a travel company or agent. But it’s likely your travel agent has never stepped foot in Uruguay. Knowing how far is too far to drive and what you shouldn’t skip can only be answered by someone who has first-hand experience doing exactly what you want to do. Plus you’ll be talking to the person who literally Wrote. The. Books. The Guru’Guay Guides to Uruguay and Montevideo have 100s of five-star reviews.

What happens when I book?

  1. Click ‘add to cart’ above.
  2. Make payment. Your payment will be processed securely through PayPal with your PayPal account or any credit card.
  3. As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive a questionnaire to fill in about those travelling, your travel preferences and how you want to feel at the end of your vacation. You’ll also be asked your preferred meeting times.
  4. You’ll get confirmation of our consultation time and the conference call link. ​
  5. What are you waiting for? Karen can’t wait to show you the unique nation that is Uruguay.

When will you meet and for how long?

You tell us when you want to meet and we try to program your session at your earliest convenience. Plan for 60 minutes of Uruguay travel planning goodness.

How do I pay?

Your payment will be processed securely through PayPal with your PayPal account or any Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card.

Can I purchase this travel planning as a gift?

¡Qué divino! Yes, you can. Your loved one will be so surprised—and impressed. Pay for the session and we’ll contact you for the details of the lucky person.

I have a question not answered here. What do I do?

Feel free to email for additional questions.

How do I book?

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5 reviews for Planning a trip to Uruguay – with Guru’Guay

  1. Paolo (verified owner)

    Wow! Having traveled quite a bit for work and pleasure over the past 35 years or so, I’ve become reasonably proficient at how to map out a trip. My usual research for my upcoming trip to Uruguay began just when Covid struck, and cancelled my plans. So I’ve spent some time at the research bit!

    Karen’s website and books have been fantastic, and so I decided to do a 1:1 via Zoom with her.

    And am I glad I did!!

    An hour with her was like 6 months worth of research, but only better. She truly seems to know the country as well as anyone can. I’ve already made adjustments in how I’m going to approach my visit. The notes she emailed after the meeting will be an indispensable part of my journey. Thoroughly detailed and clearly written just for me.
    And as a bonus, she is remarkably engaging, easy to talk to and fun. I feel as if I’ve made a new friend in Uruguay. Thank you so very much Karen!

  2. Suky & Ed Cazier (verified owner)

    My wife and I were planning a two-week trip to Uruguay—a country we had never visited—before starting a new job. I consulted the usual sources like guidebooks and TripAdvisor. I considered working through one of the travel agents listed in a guidebook, but observed that none of the options was focused on Uruguay, probably because it’s such a small country. At that time, I discovered Karen Higgs’ trip consulting service on the site. It was money well-spent. After providing some background info and talking with us via Zoom, Karen provided a tailored set of trip recommendations that made our trip special. In addition, the cost savings we got by referring to Karen’s business more than made up for the consulting fees. I don’t hesitate to recommend Karen to folks considering a vacation, remote work stay or business trip to the wonderful country of Uruguay.

  3. Henry Collins

    The consultation was definitely worth it. I’m from the UK and have practically no contacts in Uruguay. Karen has been able to put me in contact with someone to rent a room from as well as giving me a much better holistic understanding of life in Uruguay, great communities to engage with and places to travel to on the weekend, even advising me on my commute. I feel a lot less stressed about planning the next steps before moving now.

    Thanks Karen, you are a lifesaver!

    • Karen A Higgs

      Henry, if only more parents of students doing an internship abroad in Uruguay had the foresight to invest in a relocation consultation for their child. Yours are the best! I could see the relief all over your face as we sketched out the best route for you to get to your place of work and you saw your commute cut almost in half. It was so much fun to meet. Know that you can reach out to me if you need anything when you are here. — Karen

  4. Anne-Marie and Peter (verified owner)

    Having never visited Uruguay before, it was so useful to have Karen’s insight and suggestions when planning our 3-week visit this past summer (Uruguay’s winter – July/August 2022). It was our first ‘recon’ visit, to see if it could potentially be our retirement location in a few years’ time. During our consultation, Karen helped us sketch out a realistic itinerary, to include places that might appeal to us for future living ; based on an earlier retirement consultation, Karen already had an excellent sense of the kind of places we might like – this is the very personal and friendly input you get from Karen, who has the knack of honing in on details and remembering what her clients are about. A flu virus during our visit meant we had to alter plans a little, but otherwise we managed to see different neighbourhoods of Montevideo, hire a car (another brilliant recommendation from Karen, the Mariño Sport car rental) and drive up the coast to Pan de Azucar, La Paloma (our favourite), Minas, and then over to Colonia. Karen’s initial advice, suggestions and ideas are an indispensable starting point for anyone looking to make the most of their visit to Uruguay. We also made a lot of use of an excellent road map (of the old-fashioned paper kind!) – Karen had said the roads would be empty in winter, she was right: driving up the Interbalneario was a dream! Thank you again Karen, we would not have started this “on the way to retirement in Uruguay” journey without you.

  5. Jim Perry (verified owner)


    Your knowledge and conversational style make a wonderful combination. All the ideas you offered for my two week trip to Uruguay and the itinerary you built are superb.Your contributions will make all the difference in my experience. That call with you and your planned itinerary are well worth the price. It has been a very good investment.

    Thank you for putting so much creative thought into my trip

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