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Author and Guru’Guay founder Karen A Higgs has advised film makers, journalists, book authors, and, through her books and website, thousands of travelers and expats. For more than a decade, she has made introductions for hundreds of clients which have added significantly to their experience in Uruguay.

Like most places in the world and especially in Uruguay, the best experiences and services come by word of mouth. After over two decades in Uruguay and thanks to her ground-breaking work bringing Uruguay to an international audience, Karen has trusted contacts in a broad range of fields to share with you.

Uruguay is not a good fit for everyone. No place is perfect, right? And an advantage for one person is a pitfall for another. When you consult with Karen, you’ll receive first-hand, realistic insights tailored to your specific circumstances.

It’s important to note that the number of expats living in Uruguay is very small (around 30,000 but there are no official figures), consequently there are no deep expat networks such as you’d find in countries like Mexico or Spain.

Karen is the creator of Guru’Guay, the most popular English-language website on Uruguay. She has lived in Uruguay since 2000.  Her Guru’Guay guidebooks to Uruguay and Montevideo have been recognised by the Uruguay Ministry of Tourism and the Government of Montevideo as an essential reference for both travellers and expats.

Karen is frequently invited to talk about Uruguay as a travel and lifestyle destination by international media—including the New York Times, the BBC and National Geographic–and on the world’s most listened to travel podcasts. The Uruguayan public has also fallen in love with Guru’Guay and Karen appears regularly in the national press.

Karen is British and studied in the UK and the US. She lived in the US, Costa Rica, Argentina and Spain before settling on Uruguay.

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