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Mark Teuten & Associates – Lawyers & notaries

Finding an English speaking Uruguay immigration lawyer who can advise on real estate, employment law, & mediation, as well, can be a huge relief.

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Property taxes in Uruguay

Lawyer Mark Teuten goes taxes to pay at the time of buying real estate and then taxes paid annually.


Buying property in Uruguay

Moving to Uruguay? Lawyer Mark Teuten goes through legal requirements, taxes and most importantly the costs of buying a house or apartment in Uruguay.

Uruguay travel requirements
Getting to Uruguay

Travel to Uruguay: Medical insurance mandatory

There’s been some confusion around whether it’s necessary to have health insurance to enter Uruguay since recent changes to travel requirements. We explain.

residency in uruguay
Relocating & Investing

Why get permanent residence status in Uruguay

Non-visa country nationals can live freely in Uruguay provided they leave for at least one day every six months. So why should you bother getting residency?

Uruguay flag
Relocating & Investing

Is it hard to get residency in Uruguay?

Uruguay is probably one of the easiest countries in the world to obtain residency. Check out the requirements. UPDATED.


Uruguay’s tax residency requirements

Uruguay’s new government wants to attract immigration. Their first move, on tax residency, is aimed at neighboring Argentines but could benefit you too.

inheritance laws uruguay

The rights of a surviving spouse in Uruguay

Planning to retire in Uruguay? What are the pros and cons? We continue our series on spouse’s rights and what can you do to protect your husband or wife.

healthcare in uruguay
Relocating & Investing

How healthcare works in Uruguay

The cost of living in Uruguay is not low but healthcare is good and affordable. Find out how the Uruguay healthcare system works and how to be eligible.