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The story of the Andes crash survivors is one of the great human survival stories of the Twentieth Century.

Andes 1972 plane crash museum

The museum, in Montevideo, honours the survivors of the Andes plane crash. Yes, one of the greatest survival stories of the 20th century is Uruguayan.

Uruguay rugby by Marcos Harispe, Uruguay Rugby Union (URU)

Uruguay in the Rugby World Cup

World famous for soccer, turns out Uruguay has the #2 rugby team in South America. Guru’Guay investigates and is on the BBC during the Rugby World Cup.

Old Ladies in the Old City of Montevideo by Maja Dimitroff

Montevideo Tales #12

Two old ladies walk in to a cafe, then one makes a confession. This story feels so Uruguayan to me that I’m still mulling over all the reasons why.

Manuel Filgueira: Ninja winemaking in Uruguay

Trained in elite French chateaux but down to earth, Manuel Filgueira is one of Uruguay’s top winemakers, producing tiny quantities of exceptional wine through “sheer stubbornness”.

uruguay expressions

Expressions you’ll only hear in Uruguay

Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish accents sound the same to most English-speakers. But when hear these expressions, you KNOW you’re in Uruguay 🙂

Gelber closeup

A Wall Street banker in Montevideo

Roberto worked in the international banking world for 20 years. Then he gave it all up to return to his home town of Montevideo and live in the Old City.