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What is the average salary in Uruguay?

I often get asked what salaries are like in Uruguay. If you have any idea of the cost of living, you may be surprised. Figures from July 2020.

Uruguay’s tax residency requirements

Uruguay’s new government wants to attract immigration. Their first move, on tax residency, is aimed at neighboring Argentines but could benefit you too.

What eating out costs in Uruguay

Get an idea what you are likely to spend on food and drink when eating out at restaurants and bars. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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The rights of a surviving spouse in Uruguay

Planning to retire in Uruguay? What are the pros and cons? We continue our series on spouse’s rights and what can you do to protect your husband or wife.

Downtown Montevideo by Jimmy Baikovicius

Property taxes in Uruguay

Lawyer Mark Teuten goes taxes to pay at the time of buying real estate and then taxes paid annually.

Beware of Dyed Bank Notes

Beware of dye-marked banknotes

In 2018, a spate of ATM robberies led banks to put dye-packs amongst the bills. Dyed notes were no longer legal tender. The deterrent seems to have worked.