Living in Uruguay

Learn from Uruguay's only independent website: what living in Uruguay is really like, foreigner experiences, legal requirements & more.

Living in Uruguay

Learn from Uruguay's only independent website: what living in Uruguay is really like, foreigner experiences, legal requirements & more.

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Why live in Uruguay 

Uruguay is becoming a more and more attractive place to live. Especially in an increasingly unstable world. Uruguay has a notable history and society. It’s been an outlier in South America—for mostly  good reasons—for centuries. Learn all about the country—history, culture and society, as well as the beaches and wine. Plus read (and watch on YouTube) other foreigners’ experiences living in Uruguay, especially the pros and the cons. 

Cost of living

Uruguay is a developed country and quite expensive by Latin American standards.  Most people are considered middle class, however the majority cannot afford a car or to consider buying a home until they are well into their thirties.

How to become a Uruguay resident

Uruguay is probably one of the easiest countries in the world to immigrate to and obtain residency. You need a clean criminal record and be able to prove a monthly income of around 1500 USD per person. Learn about requirements, documentation, applying as a retiree, vaccines and more. 

Digital nomads can now get residency in Uruguay

and Guru'Guay is proud to have been chosen by Uruguay XXI, the national investment agency to announce the news

Retiring to Uruguay

All the burning questions you have about retiring to Uruguay and other important stuff regarding wills and the rights of a surviving spouse that you will never have expected if you don’t come from this part of the world. 

Buying real estate 

Property requirements, taxes, the buying process, investing in farmland, what’s it like buying a new build and our recommendations for reliable realtors. 

Health care

Uruguay has a very affordable public-private healthcare system. Anyone can buy membership in Uruguay’s forty or so health institutions—the majority of which are known as ‘mutualistas’. Find out the coverage available and how to join the afforable ‘mutualista’ system as a tax-payer or employee.

Starting a business

Learn about what’s involved in setting up a business in Uruguay (from freelance to corporation), taxation as it effects foreigners living in Uruguay and also insurance.


The point at which a foreigner needs to start paying tax, tax obligations when you live in Uruguay but work for a company abroad, taxes on royalties and tax breaks for business owners. 

Podcasts about moving to Uruguay

Guru’Guay creator Karen A Higgs is a frequent guest in the media and podcasts to talk about Uruguay as a place to live, work and travel. If you like this, check out her other media appearances.

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9 Responses

  1. I’m 55 years old and I’ve lived in USA since 1994. I thinking to retire in Uruguay. I get about 1300 us in disability. can I move to Uruguay?

    1. Hi George, you’ve probably read in our residency articles that the amount required by the government is around 1500 USD. So you’re just short. Please note that Uruguay is not a cheap country to live, unless you live in the countryside, though then you will need to take into account your distance to healthcare (and a car would be too expensive on that budget). If you are serious about considering Uruguay, book a relocation session with me and get a realistic appraisal of your particular circumstances. It will be a pleasure to assist you. — Karen

  2. Hi Karen,
    Just to clarify: Is it that you need to prove $1,500 per person per month in a bank account for a couple? Or is it a different amount for a Retiree couple? I’m picking up conflicting information. This would only be in a Uruguay bank account or can I present a bank statement showing this from the country I’m currently a citizen of? Thanks!

    1. Hey Dee, the general concensus (as nothing is written down by the Immigration Dept) is that the minimum to reside is 1500 USD for a single person and $2500 for a couple. You just have to be able to prove your income, not that the money comes to Uruguay. I hope this helps to give you and idea, but do consult with a specialist regarding your particular case. Best wishes, Karen

  3. Sono una insegnante di storia e ho sempre insegnato e frequentato scuole internazionali dato che sono meta’ inglese e meta’ italiana. il 29 luglio 2022 mio marito e’ morto a Genoa dove vivevamo sono stata a full time care giver per 5 anni e ora che lui non c’e (nostro figlio studia lavora a Norwich e anche mio fratello vive e lavora in Inghilterra) non ho piu legami qui. Sto pensando di trasferirmi dato che mio marito amava il calcio e guardava con grande ammirazione la squadra di calcio dell’Uruguy. Io ricevo la pensione di reversibilta’ di mio marito 1700 euro al mese ma vorrei anche poter magari ricominciare ad insegnare Humanities in una scuola internazionale se fosse possibile. Sto cercando un nuovo inizio dove magari fare amiciazia e scoprire le pequliarita nel vivere a Uruguy. Se partissi non avendo nessun contatto mi chiedo se esistano persone che aiutano nel processso di amibientamento e magari collegarsi con altri italiani che vivono gia li.
    Grazie mille

  4. Hello Karen
    I am from India , how I can get residency or temporary residency visa ? I have a well established business in India . i am doctor of eye care .

    1. Hi Yatish, you will need to apply for a visa and residency. Do write to our relocation specialists listed at the top of the page. They will be able to help/advise you. Good luck! Karen

  5. Hi Karen, I was born in Uruguay, but living in USA for years, I’m planning to visit in April, my question is which American bank is there o you recommend if I decide to stay longer or maybe retire ?? Thanks. I’m already subscribed.

    1. Hi Roberto, any bank here is unaffiliated to the US. I’m not sure I understand your last question. Best wishes — Karen

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