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What is candombe?

Candombe is an essential part of Uruguayan culture. Every neighbourhood has its comparsa (troupe), regardless of social class or background.

Tango dancing in Montevideo

Tango dancing in Montevideo

Dance tango in Uruguay. Especially if you are a beginner or intermediate tango dancer, the tango scene in Montevideo is much friendlier than Buenos Aires.

Murga, Uruguay carnival

Carnival in Uruguay – what is murga?

Murga is an instantly recognisable musical style associated with carnival. It’s a uniquely Uruguayan phenomenon, with very distant roots in Cadiz, Spain.

Great Uruguay movies to watch

5 Uruguayan films you must see

Uruguayan movies tend to be slow burners with lots of critical acclaim. The Guru invites you to put your feet up and enjoy five of the best Uruguayan films.

Las Llamadas - Uruguay carnival - by Jimmy Baikovicius

San Baltasar Carnival parade – January 6

My friend who’s ‘carnival royalty’ says San Baltasar is like carnival was when she was a child. Your chance to see Uruguay carnival just after new year.

Montevideo #1 in new travel show

The host of this brand new travel show fell in love with Montevideo. The wine, soccer, carnival, food… so many things to do.

Montevideo migrant population photography

Photography: Montevideo melting pot

After a challenge by a friend, Eliana Cleffi photographed as many nationalities as she could in 100 days in Montevideo–and that started a mammoth project.

Whats on tonight in Montevideo

5 albums from Uruguay you MUST listen to

The Uruguay music scene has a mixture of rock, pop, tango, folklore, candombe, carnival sounds. Prepare to be surprised by the creativity and quality.

Still from Panic Attack by Fede Alvarez

Montevideo Tales #13

Alien robots wreaking havoc on 18 de julio avenue, firing rockets at Palacio Salvo and bombing Tres Cruces bus station – it’s a ALIEN ATTACK on MONTEVIDEO!!