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Mobility LC

Outstanding Uruguay relocation specialist


Residency, relocation, citizenship and immigration procedures can be really stressful and time-consuming for expats in Uruguay. So it’s essential to find a Uruguay relocation specialist with all the knowledge and the contacts to make your experience the fastest and most stress-free possible.

Mobility LC is a concierge relocation service based in Montevideo which aims to make your relocation as “clear, smooth and positive as possible”. The founder, Laura Canepa, is an Italian-Uruguayan, with extensive experience in the Uruguayan foreign service. She knows all the players. As an international commerce graduate she’s the perfect resource for companies and entrepreneurs. Not only that but she speaks fluent English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.

We had heard a number of expats in Uruguay speak highly of their experiences with Mobility LC and after spending time with Laura and some of her clients we are delighted to recommend her to our readers.

What relocation services are offered to expats in Uruguay

  • Applying for residency and Uruguayan ID (known as thecédula)
  • Tax residency
  • Work permits
  • Getting Uruguay and/or Italian citizenship and passports
  • Opening a bank account and/or safety deposit box
  • Obtaining health insurance
  • Getting permits such as a driver’s license or a gun permit
  • And whatever else you need to make your Uruguay landing smooth

What you should know

Guru’Guay usually only recommends services that we have used ourselves. However we settled in Uruguay almost two decades ago. So after being tipped to check out Mobility LC we talked to Laura and loved her warm, can-do attitude. Then to make sure she was a great option for our readers we interviewed a number of her clients. Here’s what they told us.

Proactive, North American-style business mentality – Finn, USA

Finn and his partner Syna live near Punta del Este and have worked with Laura to obtain their residency, driving licences and insurance coverage. Finn admits that he writes lengthy emails and found himself consistently impressed by Laura’s answers. “She is exceptionally skilled at handling the details,” he said. Finn bought a motorcycle and wanted to do the registration alone. He confessed that it took him four months and seven visits to the city hall. “We’ll never do things alone again,” he laughed. They are currently working with Laura to get Uruguayan citizenship.

A force to be reckoned with – bureaucrats beware – Syna, USA

Syna and Finn had initially engaged another firm and had never met the principals. Syna stresses that Mobility LC is a CONCIERGE service. “She is your partner and you’re in this together,” said Syna. The couple praised how Laura stays current with the law and the players. “Her relational skills are exceptionally strong,” said Syna “and she deals with bureaucracy really well. She is a force to be reckoned with when others are stalling–but does it with total diplomacy.” They gave Mobility LC a 10+ rating. “We are so enthusiastic because of the contrasting experience we had,” says Syna. “We know lots of people who are taking years to get residency.”

The cédula process was a nightmare until I involved Mobility LC – Mary, Ireland

Laura helped Mary who moved to Uruguay from Ireland to get her temporary cédula, open a bank account and get her driver’s license. She doesn’t speak good Spanish and found things “very confusing”. It did not help that she lives on the coast, and it is not uncommon for Immigration to expect applicants to return multiple times. After hiring Laura she said, “I just turned up for appointments with the documents she told me to bring.” She loved working with Laura saying that “Laura makes everything simple and she knows all the people we dealt with which really helped. […] The cédula process was a nightmare until I involved her.”

Very knowledgeable and on top of procedures – Phil, USA

Phil retired to Montevideo three years ago from Florida. He initially contact Laura after he ran into problems opening a bank account. Since then Laura has helped him with online banking (his Uruguayan bank’s website is not so user-friendly) and with buying a car when he was back in the States (he gave her the requirements and she tracked down a dealer). They have discussed his acquiring Italian citizenship. He praises her efficiency, promptness and how she anticipates problems.

Warm and friendly – Luisa, Mexico

Despite the fact that Luisa speaks Spanish, living out on the coast she found that the Uruguayan residency process was “not streamlined”. She decided to hire Laura who she described as “warm and friendly” and gave her 10/10 for her services. She praised Laura’s efficiency and attention to detail. She loved how Laura respected deadlines and sent frequent updates.

Contact Mobility LC relocation specialists

Email or visit the Mobility LC website.

Due to the pandemic situation and a significant increase in enquiries, response times may be 48 to 72 hours. Mobility LC thanks you for your patience and understanding.

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