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Any Uruguayan will tell you that the best beaches are in Rocha. Closest to the border with Brazil, they are deserted much of the time and dramatic. Rocha is charmingly rustic and rural and there are just a handful of high-end boutique hotels in the whole department. La Pedrera has just one—and that’s Brisas de la Pedrera.

Perched on a rocky balcony overlooking two very long, golden beaches, La Pedrera is a small, friendly village of 200+ souls, characterised by a white pillared promenade lined with elegant art-deco homes overlooking the ocean. Further back from the beach in the forest, ultra-modern designer homes mix with quirky, brightly-painted cabins, covered in flowering bougainvillaea. Just one block off the charming Avenida Central, lies Brisas—a stylish, mid-century style hotel with just fifteen rooms.

Brisas means ‘breezes’ and it’s a little oasis by the sea. Its gardens are unusually lush given its proximity to the beach with century-old palm trees and its own microclimate. A spot beside the pool is an ideal spot to get away from the afternoon winds on the Rocha coast.

Guests and visitors are constantly surprised by this peaceful enclave despite its location in the heart of the village.

Laura, the owner, worked in tech in India before she fell in love with a hundred year old pensión in La Pedrera which had fallen into ruins. Respecting the style and layout, she rebuilt the hotel in 2010. Half of Brisas’ guests are from the Northern hemisphere. Many return with friends year after year. La Pedrera sits on a rock mass, the same rocks that are found in South Africa facing west. Laura considers that this gives a sense of permanence or ‘settledness’ as she calls it, which makes people feel so welcome. Or maybe it’s her hospitality and flawless English.

When I mentioned to a Scottish friend (one of those repeat guests) I was writing about Brisas he responded that my message had taken him back to “many happy moments in La Pedrera. I’m currently looking at their website and feeling the light and warmth through their beautiful photography. Nice to see they have a pool now – always felt that was missing! When we come back to Uruguay for a holiday, Brisas will be on the list.

What you should know

Book a room on the second floor for breath-taking views of the Atlantic.

La Pedrera is very popular with Uruguayans, Brazilians and Argentinians alike and can get very busy during holiday times. Consult with Laura to plan the best time for your stay.

Every year Brisas does something a little different with the restaurant The Brisas Bar speciality in 2023 is poké bowls. The bar is open 1pm-8.30pm (including to the public) for lunch, happy hour and early dinner (yes!).

A day by the pool and the buffet breakfast is offered to non-guests in limited numbers. Prior reservation essential.

No smoking anywhere on the property.

Open year round Not common for coastal hotels. During winter (May-October), Brisas opens Friday-Sunday, however they do accept special longer-stay requests.

What’s close by

Brisas is the perfect base from which to explore the remarkable department of Rocha and also nearby José Ignacio and Punta del Este. Many of the best things to do in Uruguay are just 30-60 minutes away. Brisa’s website lists a number of outstanding options and are happy to help you arrange your visit.

  • On the beach La Pedrera has two beaches—El Desplayado is great for families. El Barco is frequented by singles and younger folks. Both have waves
  • Surf school, yoga classes & horse riding Just talk to the reception or Laura and they’ll get you set up
  • Restaurants La Pedrera has many more foodie options than most towns of its size
  • Cabo Polonio National Park One of Uruguay’s most incredible beauty and wildlife spots 30 minutes by car
  • Punta del Diablo Hippie chic fishing town 1.25 hours
  • Santa Teresa National Park Colonia fort, botanical garden and some of Uruguay’s best beaches 1.5 hours
Brisas de la Pedrera - Boutique hotel


Brisas de la Pedrera
Sta. Teresa 27004, La Pedrera, Rocha

Book by sending a message via WhatsApp +598 93 955 795, email Laura at or through Brisas’ website


Rooms start at 150-250 USD depending on the season and category. Breakfast included.

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