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Uruguay has just been featured in a 52-minute podcast on Amateur Traveler, one of the world’s longest running travel podcasts

The host Chris Christensen interviewed Karen A Higgs, creator of the Guru’Guay website and guidebooks. He was excited to meet her as the only international guidebook writer on Uruguay actually based in the country itself. In the interview, he confessed that this was the first time that he’s covered Uruguay since 2009 so this one in 2020 is long overdue!

One of the world’s most popular podcasts 

The award-winning podcast and blog was started way back in the beginning of podcast history – 2005. They have episodes about every continent and almost every country. 

The podcast was downloaded 2,800,000 times in 2019 alone, making it one of the top 5% podcasts across all genres. Amateur Traveler aims to help real travelers plan real trips. Its more than 400 destination-themed episodes have been downloaded more than 7 million times.

It’s been recommended as essential listening by The Rough Guides, WanderLust Magazine and many more.

Who listens to it?

The audience tends to be split pretty evenly between men and women and focuses on those with enough money to travel. Almost 70% of listeners are from the US, with Australia, Canada, and the UK making up another 15%. A number of listeners–including Oxford University–use the Amateur Traveler audio podcast to improve English comprehension! #JustLoveThis

Podcast Show Notes

After you’ve listened, check out the places and resources that Karen mentions in the podcast and others that she didn’t have time to get to:

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