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Was it a dream? At one point we thought it was, but no. For a few magical minutes—thankfully captured by a reader—we were recommended at the end of this Financial Times of London article on rural rhythms and remote retreats in Uruguay.

We realise that for commercial reasons our mention probably had to be deleted, but who can blame us for feeling so proud and over-the-moon happy for that momentary glimpse of Guru’Guay in the FT.

This screenshot was thankfully captured by a reader who sent us the good—if fleeting—news. That Guru'Guay had been recommended in the Financial Times.
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This screenshot was thankfully captured by a reader who sent us the good—if fleeting—news

I met with Hugh Thomson, the writer, just as he was about to start his epic travels to the coast of Uruguay. The British embassy had put us in contact. The photograph that his girlfriend took of us together was the last photo I uploaded to Instagram before the pandemic closed the borders in Uruguay. His article of course has finally come online now that the borders have opened in Uruguay.

That a seasoned travel writer like Hugh considers that “The best and most accurate guide to Uruguay is The Guru’Guay Guidebook to Uruguay by Karen Higgs” is good enough for us.

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And so grateful to have such loyal readers with zippy screenshot-happy fingers. Thank you, Gabriela of Sunny Sky Solutions. You made our day. Now we’re off to do a happy dance.

Guru’Guay has been recommended in the New York Times, the BBC, National Geographic Traveler and other top media outlets. We treasure our mentions and collect them on the Guru’Guay in the Media page.

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