Living, working & investing in Uruguay

A Guru'Guay-Andersen series

In this series on Living, working & investing in Uruguay, Guru’Guay—Uruguay’s favourite website on life and travel in South America’s most understated nation—teams up with one of the country’s top law firms, to get some advice from the professionals 

We talk about:

  • Residency and relocation
  • Retiring to Uruguay
  • Taxes in Uruguay (for expats, retirees, on real estate, corporate and more)
  • Setting up a business in Uruguay
  • Getting tax residency
  • and Investing in Uruguay farmland, in a series of fact-filled interviews over coffee.

Many of the questions asked come from Guru’Guay readers and followers around the world who are thinking about or already making their life or livelihood in Uruguay.

Click the themes below to read the articles and watch the interviews or check out the series on YouTube. For those that prefer the written word, we’ll be releasing an article version each week every Monday from now through February 2022.

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