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While the majority of us are quarantined indoors, there’s a parallel reality in the Uruguay countryside. Uruguay produced award-winning internationally renowned wines and wine-makers just outside Montevideo, instead of feeling depressed, are celebrating the BEST grape harvest  in FORTY years.

Karen, the Guru’Guay, makes a virtual visit to Los Nadies, a small winery which sells premium wines to Japan, Australia and friends. Los Nadies owner, Manuel Filgueira talks about why crises are nothing new to his winery–which was born in 2010 during a serious professional and personal crisis–, how work has not stopped in the winery (we get to see how his kids–home from school because of Coronavirus–play just as important a part as the adults), and why 2020 vintages from Canelones and Colonia 2020 are going to be the best in decades.

A guide to Coronavirus in Uruguay

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