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Uruguay travel entry requirements

Traveling to Uruguay? Entry requirements were updated by the government in August 2022. Check out Uruguay travel restrictions at this time.

uruguay travel border

Uruguay Covid travel entry requirements

Uruguay opened for travel from November 1 with just a few general restrictions. Find out what they are, and rejoice—no more quarantine!

Which Covid vaccines are in Uruguay

Uruguay has done well to obtain vaccines from three different manufacturers, and so cover the needs of the entire population.

Uruguay covid cases back to 2020 levels

As Reuters reports Uruguay covid cases are down to 5% of its peak, we run you through the numbers and maps we access every day here in Uruguay.

COVID-19 cases rise in Uruguay in March

Cases increased dramatically in March —compared to what we’d seen until now. Guru’Guay gives you an overview from the ground of what’s happening in Uruguay.

Scheduling your Covid vaccine in Uruguay

Vaccinations for COVID-19 are underway in Uruguay. Struggling to sign up for yours? Here’s what you need to know to schedule your shot with minimum stress.