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Thanks to a strong vaccination campaign, Uruguay will open its borders to all travellers from November 1st. Travellers must show proof of vaccination.

Yesterday, the government announced a gradual reopening of the borders in Uruguay which have been closed to all but citizens and residents since March 13 2020.

There will be a gradual reopening following the drop in the number of cases observed in recent weeks.

From September 1, foreigners who can prove they own property in Uruguay will be allowed entry. They will require proof of full immunisation (two doses of an antivirus vaccine plus two weeks) and a negative PCR test before entering the country.

Two months later from November 1, all other foreigners will be able to enter, regardless of where they are coming from, as long as they can show proof of immunisation (as above).

Uruguay is at the vanguard of vaccinations worldwide

Uruguay is at the vanguard of vaccinations worldwide. Boosters—or third shot—are being offered to citizens and residents who were vaccinated with the slightly less reliable Sinovac vaccine. And children between 12 and 17 years old are also getting vaccinated.

The president announced that minors who are from countries where vaccinations were unavailable to their age group, will be able to enter the country with their vaccinated parents and receive a Pfizer shot at no cost. The family group will be required to quarantine.

When asked by a Bloomberg reporter if Uruguay would review the situation, the president, Luis Lacalle Pou, made it clear that he did not expect a serious rise in numbers in the future and therefore a revision would be very unlikely. “It is clear that the vaccines have proven to be effective,” the president stressed.

The latest on the pandemic in Uruguay

April 1 2022 The Uruguay government declared the end of the health emergency on April 1 after 752 days. 84% of the population has received at least one shot. 64% have received at least one (third) booster shot. Click the 'Covid-19' link in the site menu bar for collected reports from Guru'Guay.

Cover photo: Jimmy Baikovicius

This article was published August 10 2021 and last updated at the date above

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