A Uruguay rock and pop sampler

Uruguay's rock and pop scenes have been thriving since the sixties. Here's some local artists definitely worth checking out while you're here.
By Karen A Higgs
Cuatro Pesos de Propina
Last updated on July 29, 2016

Size doesn’t matter, and Uruguay, one of the tiniest South American nations, is the living proof.  With a thriving rock and pop scene since the sixties, it’s definitely worth checking out some of the local artists while you’re here.

Buenos Muchachos

Dark rockers who inspire a loyal following. Singer Pedro Dalton is a multimedia artist and poet in the vein of Tom Waits. You are more likely to catch a live show of their down-sized alter ego, Dos Daltons. Nidal is their latest album.

Mandrake Wolf y los Terapeutas

Composer of great songs including the huge hit “Amor Profundo”, owner of a kind of stringy voice, Mandrake gives a great live show when he’s in the mood. He’s been around for years but Uruguayan twenty-somethings just love him.


Rock royalty here though he’s never been particularly prolific. Aligned with the rioplatense electro-tango Bajofondo project, his composition “El Mareo” was nominated for a Latin Grammy for best alternative song. The album Bajofondo presenta Santullo was awarded a Uruguayan Grammy (the Graffitis) in 2009 in the electronic music category. Intense live shows.

4 pesos de propina

A semi-anarchical music project emerging from hippie summers in Rocha, 4 pesos now packs major venues in Montevideo. Their name translates as “a four peso tip”.

Samantha Navarro

With nine albums to her credit, Samantha has a stunning voice, great tunes and a wicked sense of humour which really comes over live.

Fede Graña y Los Prolijos

Swept the boards of the 2014 Graffitis winning best song, best pop album and best cover art with their rock/polka/funk.

Hermanos Láser

One of the first bands to promote and sell their albums solely online. Live, I love their great art work and visuals and the furious harmonica. Can you feel the Wilco influence?

Lu Ferreira

Though she’s been singing professionally for more than a decade and worked with some of Uruguay’s most well-known musicians as a backing vocalist, Lu is still yet to record her own album. A singer to keep your eye on.

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Want to plan to see live music when you are in Uruguay?

Montevideo has an amazing live music scene, incredible for a city of 1.5 million. But it’s not easy to find good information to be able to make a choice, especially if you are unfamiliar with the bands and don’t speak the lingo.

The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo has four entire pages of recommended bands to see live (in 8 genres – tango, carnival fusion, candombe, percussion, Latin, rock and pop, folk and roots and instrumental) and four pages on live music venues, including instructions on how to contact the venues, make reservations in Spanish etc.

Plus check out the Guru’s daily recommendations on the Guru’Guay Facebook page. Posted daily around midday.

Of course, as mentioned in the title, this is just a sample. Feel free to add your recommendation below and ideally describe them a bit. Cheers.

Photo: Montecruz Foto (of Uruguayan band 4 Pesos de Propina)




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