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  1. I was walking across a square eating an empanada and a bystander wishes me “Bon appetit, señora!” 
  2. When I get on the bus, the driver and the conductor greet me with a “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, “Good evening” or a jovial “Hola!”
  3. People give moms and dads with children their seat, and if they don’t move fast enough, the conductor says “Let’s be having a seat, porrrrr favorrrrr!”
  4. If you ask where you need to get off, the driver lets you know once you are close
  5. There are musicians (most of them really good ones) and actors who get on the buses and sing a couple of songs or perform short sketches
  6. I left my cell phone in a coffee shop and I realised half an hour later. When I went back, they had it waiting for me
  7. I left two full shopping bags in a cafe and only realised four hours later. I went back to look for them and the staff had kept them safe
  8. I left my credit card in a shop and didn’t realise till two days later. I went to look for it and it was still there
  9. I left my jacket in a restaurant and the waiter ran down the street after me to return it (these instances are all good indicators that I am starting to bat on in years!)
  10. At the end of the day as the sun disappears into the sea, the people on the beach clap.

These notes were written and shared in Spanish by a Uruguayan friend of mine, Susana. Like Susana, I live in Uruguay and I also experience the same kind of small kindnesses and unsolicited courtesies she mentions almost every day. And I LOVE that. 

What are the small things that you love about Uruguay? Tell us below.

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