The Top Tannats of 2020

One in three bottles of Uruguay wine is a Tannat. Yes, Uruguayans LOVE this red. Nowadays there's a Tannat for every occasion. We celebrate the Top Tannats.
By Karen A Higgs
Last updated on April 14, 2020

One in every three bottles of wine produced in Uruguay is a Tannat. Yes, Uruguayans LOVE their Tannat.

Traditionally a very full-bodied red wine with dark fruit and spice aromas and flavours, nowadays thanks to advancing techniques there’s a Tannat for every taste. You can even drink a Tannat as an aperitif.

We celebrate Uruguay’s best Tannats, as featured in the new Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo, in alphabetical order.

Alto De La Ballena Tannat Viognier

Experience the potency of Tannat and the subtle aromas of Viognier. One of the few Tannats you can drink any time, any place, anywhere.

Artesana Tannat Rosé

Worlds apart from trendy rosés, this wine is potent, generous and wonderfully versatile. Perfect to drink by itself or pair with absolutely anything.

Artesana Vertical Tannat

An unusual wine and edition, a blend of vintages from 2015 to 2018. Very fresh with lots of structure.

Bresesti Tannat Premium

A Tannat for and by the next generation. A magnificent example of what Uruguay’s feisty new winemakers are up to with the national grape.

Cerro Chapeu Batovi Tannat Single Vineyard

This Tannat made from grapes grown in the north on the Brazilian border will age beautifully.

El Capricho Aguara Tannat 2015

Sole edition from an old school winemaker. Elegant, complex and structured.

Estancia La Cruz Jano Tannat 2013

A sophisticated Tannat made from the fruit of century-old vines and a vineyard that no longer exists. By Estela de Frutos, one of Uruguay’s foremost winemakers. Drink a piece of winemaking history.

Familia Irurtia Km 0 Reserva Tannat Syrah

From one of Uruguay’s oldest wineries in Carmelo—Uruguay’s Tuscany—comes a marvel. Perfect for any occasion. Spicy with black fruits.

Favretto & Dragone Tannat Viognier

A traditional winery currently run by the women of the family. A friendly Tannat with a touch of Viognier for freshness and finesse.

Los Nadies Equilibrio 2011

This opulent Tannat and Merlot blend is only available in Montevideo, Tokyo and Melbourne.

Pisano Reserva Oculta Tannat 2002

The Ultimate Tannat. Wine reserved by Cesar Pisano, grandfather of the current winemakers, for his personal consumption.

Pisano Vinos Finos 1ra Viña 60-40 Tannat Merlot

The essence of Uruguayan winemaking. All the structure of Tannat with the delicacy of Merlot. A wine that never disappoints.

Pizzorno Maceracion Carbonica Tannat

The perfect Tannat starter wine. All the flavour and none of the tannins. Fresh and aromatic.

Guru’Guay thanks Nicolas Cappellini of Montevideo Wine Experience and Adriana Rossi, President of the Uruguay Sommeliers Association and Personal Wine Shopper for the wine lists featured in The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo.




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