Uruguay president gives hitch-hiker a ride

President picks up hitch-hiker—only in Uruguay. Once again President Pepe Mujica proves that he is made of different stuff from other world leaders.
By Karen A Higgs
Mujica Fusca
Last updated on January 16, 2015

On January 5 this year, Uruguayan mechanic Gerhald Acosta was hitching a ride home from his work place near the coast.

“About 25 or thirty cars had passed me and noone stopped,” Acosta told Uruguayan paper, El Observador.

Acosta had been on the roadside for over an hour when a car with official licence plates followed by a regular car pulled up.

A man got out of the second car and asked where Acosta was going. Then he said that they could give him a ride and that he should get into the car in front – the one with the official plates.

“When I got in, I thought to myself – I know that woman,” said Acosta.

It was Lucía Topolansky, senator and First Lady, sitting in the back of the car with Manuela, infamous three-legged First Mutt.

President Pepe Mujica was in the front seat.

“When I got out, I thanked them a lot,” Acosta said. “After all, not many people will pick up someone on the road—much less a president.”

Two days later [Editor’s note: TWO days!!], Gerhald posted the news of his ride on Facebook. The president and his wife were “THE ONLY ONES TO STOP. WHAT STARS.”

This story is based on a newspaper article published in El Observador on January 16 2015.

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