Balls – Giant statue in Montevideo inspires soccer cartoon

A short cartoon by Uruguayan artist Matias Bervejillo, inspired by the naked "Greeting Man" statute, a gift from Korea, which stands in a Montevideo barrio.
By Karen A Higgs
Last updated on January 15, 2014

Here’s a short cartoon by my very talented friend, Uruguayan artist and illustrator Matias Bervejillo.

“La Celeste” is the nickname for Uruguayan national football team. Celeste means sky blue and is the team shirt colour taken from the blue stripes on the national flag.

In 2012 a South Korean artist Yoo Young-ho bequeathed an six metre tall, light-blue coloured statue of a bowing man called “Greeting Man” to Montevideo. It stands overlooking the River Plate in the Buceo neighbourhood of the city. Greeting Man has become known locally—and not unaffectionately—as “Man gazing at his balls”.
Greetingman sculpture in Montevideo © Carlos Noble


The story of the Andes plane crash survivors is one of the great human survival stories of the Twentieth Century.

Andes 1972 Museum

The museum, in Montevideo, honours the survivors of the Andes plane crash. Yes, one of the greatest survival stories of the 20th century is Uruguayan.


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