Travel to Uruguay: Medical insurance mandatory

There’s been some confusion around whether it’s necessary to have health insurance to enter Uruguay since recent changes to travel requirements. We explain.
By Karen A Higgs
Uruguay travel requirements
Last updated on March 23, 2023

Uruguay lifted all covid-19 requirements for incoming travellers in 2023. Since March 1 there’s no longer any need to show vaccination or tests. However, there’s been some confusion around whether it’s necessary to have health insurance to travel to Uruguay.

The answer is yes, you do need medical travel insurance to enter the country.

In February 2023, in a short two-paragraph decree, the Ministry of Health mandated that all visitors to Uruguay must have medical insurance. However, they provided no specifications whatsoever. No specifications regarding whether the policy needs to be in your name, the duration of the policy, the limits of the coverage, nothing.

The only exception mentioned is that the  requirement does not apply to direct family members of people residing in Uruguay, or people seeking asylum.

We consulted with Mark Teuten, an immigration lawyer, to find out how he is advising his clients who are about to travel to Uruguay. He recommends having some sort of proof on your phone or on paper from the insurer which ideally includes a policy number, your name and a recent date.

Based on feedback from the Discover Uruguay by Guru’Guay Facebook group, recent travellers report not being asked for proof. However, airlines and other passenger carriers could ask you at the border or before travelling if you have insurance. And it would be a shame that you weren’t able to travel if you’re unable to show proof.

And it always makes sense to always travel with travel medical insurance, right?

Guru’Guay provides this information as a public service and are not responsible for its use by readers. Always check with your travel provider for their exact requirements. 




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