Montevideo #1 in new travel show

The host of this brand new travel show fell in love with Montevideo. The wine, soccer, carnival, food... so many things to do.
By Karen A Higgs

The Vacation Rental Show episode on Montevideo has more than 100K views on YouTube, is now on television in the Middle East and Africa and can be enjoyed in English, Spanish and … Chinese!

Yes, as we write, The Vacation Rental Show‘s episode on Montevideo has reached 109,000 viewers eclipsing more well-known destinations also featured in the show such as New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro.

If you haven’t seen the Montevideo episode of The Vacation Rental Show yet, let me tell you, everyone who watches it—including Uruguayans, who are super self-critical as a nation—love it. 

Despite the fact that it was winter* and it uncharacteristically rained half the time, (see what winter is normally like in Uruguay), watch host Matt Landau fall in love with all those good Uruguayan thingswine, carnival and soccer–that a visit to Uruguay totally off-season is packed full of. Of course he follows all of Guru’Guay creator, Karen A Higgs’ tips, exactly the type of stuff we share here, no more, no less.

* Winter in Uruguay extends from June to August. Matt visited in July 2018.

The Vacation Rental Show on television in Africa and the Middle East 

As of October 2019, all 10 episodes of Season 2 of The Vacation Rental Show, the first travel show to feature vacation rentals, are airing on air prime time on OSN, the largest TV broadcast provider in the Middle East​, one of the fastest growing regions in the world. OSN is also broadcast in Africa, so if you have friends in Africa and the Middle East, let them know!

Subtitles in Spanish and Chinese

Right from when the show came out earlier this year, Spanish speakers could enjoy the Montevideo episode with subtitles in their own language.

Following an invitation to speak at the Uruguayan Embassy in Beijing, Karen asked the producers if they could get together a Chinese version of the programme and they made good! The Vacation Rental Show’s Montevideo episode now has subtitles in Mandarin. Thanks so much to Matt, Stuart and Tammy for making this happen.

To watch with subtitles, just click on the ‘cog’ at the right bottom of the screen and select the language.




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