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Clients sometimes ask me this when I am suggesting they spend their New Years Eve eating left-overs and watching the fireworks from our building rooftop.

For a city that is a major tourist destination Montevideo can appear to have a pretty lame attitude to serving its guests over the holidays.

The biggest irony for me is that during Easter (known as Tourism Week in Uruguay), one of the holidays where we receive waves of tourists from all over Latin America, there will be a huge sign across the front door of the government-run tourist information centre saying “Closed for Tourism Week”. This year I’ll take a picture 🙂

After all this time living here, the conclusion that I have come to, is that the majority of Uruguayans are just not that materialistic. They would rather spend time with their family and friends than make a bit of extra money for working a holiday. Hence restaurants close because they just can’t get the staff. 

On one hand, being involved in the travel trade, it’s really frustrating.

On the other hand, I can’t help thinking, a nation that prioritises its leisure time over making a buck is not so bad


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Photos: Closed by Bryan Mills 

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