Montevideo Carnival 2024 dates

Hot off the press! The world's longest carnival is in Montevideo Uruguay and we've got the dates.
By Karen A Higgs
Montevideo Carnival
Last updated on May 24, 2023

Montevideo carnival is the world’s longest carnival starting January thru early March. We’ve got the links you need in English about where to go and what to see.

Carnival in Uruguay is uniquely different to anywhere else in the world. And what’s really special for a visitor is that it is still an event primarily for the locals. Here are Montevideo carnival 2024 dates:

Carnival tablados

Carnival tablados are on across the city from late January for the next 40 nights (longer if there’s rain). Tablados are nightly shows featuring four to seven carnival groups. So you can expect to be able to attend a tablado in Montevideo until early March. Some tablado line-ups are better than others. Get The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo to learn why.

Recommended tablados

1. El Velodromo Love their great line-ups and that they offer shows every night of the week. Details here (in Spanish)

2. Museo de Carnaval In the Old City, the only venue with cover in case of rain. Open Fridays and Saturdays only. Details here (in Spanish)

The video explains how to buy tickets at a tablado

Montevideo Carnival parades 2024 dates

The Inaugural Carnival Parade (Desfile inaugural)
Thursday 25 January eve
Av. 18 de Julio (main street), from Plaza Independencia to Plaza Cagancha

Samba Schools Parade (Desfile de escuelas de samba)
Friday 26 January
Av. 18 de Julio (main street), from Andes to Paraguay

Las Llamadas, the Llamadas Parade
Friday 9 and Saturday 10 February
Raincheck dates: one week later
Traditional route: Isla de Flores street, from Zelmar Michelini to Minas

Montevideo carnival parade

Essential reading on Carnival in Uruguay

Source for dates: DAECPU

Cover photo by Jimmy Baikovicius




20 Responses

  1. Do you know the dates of the carnival for 2024. We are planning to go to Montevideo on the 18th January 2024.

    1. Hi David, the dates are not out yet. We’ll publish them when we have them. According to my notes, Carnival starts with the Inaugural Parade which takes place on the penultimate Thursday of January—the 25th in 2024. Hope that helps, Karen

    2. Hi David, the 2024 dates have just been announced and the article updated accordingly. cheers — karen

  2. We arrive in Montevideo on Feb 10th in the evening after 5pm, for the weekend. How can we get tickets for the Llamades Parade?

      1. Hi Karen,
        We’re planning a trip to Uruguay and I wanted to know if mid March could be a good period weather wise. Is it too cold to swim? We wanted to avoid the crowds and the carnival.
        Thanks a lot

      2. Bought both of your books and was looking forward to the llamadas parades. Tried to buy tickets online but could not. You said they don’t sell out until a day or two before. That was not the case. We tried to buy them upon arrival on the 2nd, but were told none were available. Are there resale vendors or any other options?

        1. Hi Jane, so sorry to hear that. There must be a lot of demand this year, especially if they have sold out a week before.

          There was a discussion in our Discover Uruguay by Guru’Guay Facebook group and several suggestions which I will share here though I do not endorse them personally. My recommendation would be to go and see a few tablados instead. They are also a great cultural experience. Here’s how to buy tickets for the Velodrome tablado.

          1. “On MercadoLibre there are people who host parties on their balconies that overlook the parade. You can type in “llamadas azotea 2023.” I was recently in the same boat and a few places still have space for Saturday.”

          2. “I’ve never purchased tickets to see the llamadas. I don’t actually know anyone who has purchased tickets to go see it. Just get over there, walk around the many streets (crowded!!!) and find a nice spot to see from. You’ll want to get off isla de flores to change intersections and go to a parallel street to change blocks, because of the crowd on the actual street. Change spots a few times cause you never know if you might find an amazing spot to watch from. I’ve also been up to some people’s balcony (acquaintance of a friend), but it wasn’t all that good, I preferred front line action to see them go by and feel the drums up close.”

          Hope this helps and so sorry you weren’t able to get tickets. — Karen

  3. Perfect timing! I’ll be arriving in January for 7s rugby in Punta Del Este, then starting the rugby 15s season in Montevideo in February con Alejandro y Old Christians Club!

  4. Hi Karen.
    We are arriving to Uruguay on 1st March – first to Colonia and then heading to Montevideo. Will the Carnival be over by then, or do we still have a chance? Thanks in advance, Anna

    1. Hi Anna, I’m responding on Karen’s behalf because she’s on leave. Almost everything happens in February, but I think you’ll still have a chance to find ‘tablados’ and get a taste of murga. Cheers!

  5. Hi there,

    For a long time carnival fan but first time visitor to Uruguay which of these would you recommend? I twould be good to go to all but then we woulsd see nothing else in uruguay!



    1. Hello Michael, how are you doing? The latest news I could find is on the local government website. They say: Neighbourhood processions will be cancelled and the activity will focus on one parade per municipality. The first one will be, if conditions permit, on February 12th in San Carlos and in Maldonado on February 28th. The rest are being confirmed, but tentatively the 19th will be in Piriápolis, the 26th in Pan de Azúcar and in Aiguá on the 4th of March. Hope this helps – happy carnival! — Karen

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