What beach warning flags mean in Uruguay

What's that green cross on the red flag all about? Wondering what the lifeguard flags in Uruguay mean? Check out the beach warning code.
By Karen A Higgs
Life Guard Hut in Montevideo - beach warning flags uruguay
Last updated on February 6, 2018

Wondering what the lifeguard flags in Uruguay mean? Beach warning flags may vary in different parts of Uruguay but generally the code is:

  • green – good bathing conditions
  • yellow – bathe with caution
  • red don’t go in the water
  • black, maybe with lightning – electric storm (occasionally appropriated when lifeguards go on strike!)
  • red with a green cross – unsanitary bathing conditions (for example, algae)
  • red with the word ‘Peligro’ written on it – peligro means danger. Don’t go in the water in this area.
The beach warning flags in Uruguay

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