Is Uruguay a developed country? Harvard moves Latin America HQ to Uruguay

Harvard University Business School opens Latin American research centre, praising Uruguay living standard and freedom of expression.
By Karen A Higgs
Is Uruguay a developed country? Harvard moves Latin America HQ to Uruguay
Last updated on May 25, 2023

The Harvard University Business School has opened its Latin American headquarters in Uruguay, after over two decades in neighbouring Argentina.

Harvard’s Latin America Research Centre (LARC) was opened officially in the LATU technology park in north-east Montevideo by Uruguay’s president Luis Lacalle Pou on May 24 2023.

At the launch press conference, Michael Chu, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, described Harvard’s preference “to be in an environment where freedom of thought and expression is respected and protected” and where “intellectual capital can grow without asking anyone’s permission and without fear of repression from the authorities. That is why LARC is in Montevideo.”

According to Uruguay’s education minister, Harvard has three centres in Latin America and the Uruguay centre will be Harvard’s principal headquarters.

Is Uruguay a developed country? Harvard moves Latin America HQ to Uruguay

Harvard praises Uruguay’s standard of living

In an interview with Argentine media last year, LARC’s executive director, María Fernanda Miguel, explained the decision to move from Buenos Aires to Montevideo by praising Uruguay’s standard of living. She added that “the difficult conditions in Argentina have given rise to a persistent emigration of professionals” in the areas that the Harvard Business School requires for research and teaching.

The LARC will provide support for research with Harvard Business School professors prioritising income inequality, the environment and renewable energies, and digitalisation. As well as carrying out networking and support for admissions to one of the world’s most prestigious universities. The centre will also work with local universities as well as with companies to identify case studies.

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Sources: Ámbito, El Observador and El País

Photo credits: Uruguay Presidencia




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