Sailing lessons, boat & windsurf rental in Montevideo

At Full Sailing, you hire a boat, board, kayak or instructor by the hour. It's a perfect option in Uruguay, where most sailing clubs are members-only.
By Karen A Higgs
Full Sailing Centre, Montevideo
Last updated on January 10, 2017

Full Sailing is Montevideo’s only sailing centre to offer classes and boat rentals to anyone – with or without experience, and without a membership card.

That’s right, you don’t need to be a member. You just pay for your boat, or windsurf board, or kayak by the hour, or you can hire an instructor and buy a package of lessons on a schedule that you define.

What a great way to see Montevideo, from the Rio de la Plata . It’s the perfect option for any visitor to Montevideo, where most nautical clubs only cater to members.

What’s more, prices are really, really accessible.

Sailing and windsurf courses

Courses are offered in how to windsurf and sail (a four-person Pamperito). The courses lasts five days, with a 1.5 hour class each day. You can arrange days and times to suit your schedule.

The cost for the entire course is 3800 pesos (apx 130 USD) and includes personal instructor and rental of the boat or board. The school also has life-jackets and wetsuits that can be borrowed free of charge.

The aim is by the end of the five-day course, you can take a boat or board out on your own.

Instructors speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

Boat and board rental

Kayak and stand up paddle
1/2 hour – 150 pesos
1 hour – 250 pesos

Double kayak
1/2 hour – 200 pesos
1 hour – 300 pesos

Windsurf board
1 hour – 400 pesos
5 hour deal – 1700 pesos (“couponera”, take the hours whenever you want)

Pamperito (4 person boat)
1 hour – 450 pesos
5 hour deal – 2000 pesos (“couponera”, take the hours whenever you want)
Pamperito with skipper – 1 hour, 600 pesos (for upto 3 people)

Rates include lifejackets and the time is for the craft or board, so a group of you can hire a Pamperito and take turns taking it out.


Full Sailing Nautical Centre

As only one of the instructors speaks English, you might want to contact Full Sailing in advance by email. Write to or call +598 99 278878.

Full Sailing is based at the Carrasco and Punta Gorda Nautical Club in the Punta Gorda neighbourhood and is open from 9 a.m. to sundown all year round.

The sailing centre is NOT part of the Club. As you come through the gate, the centre is to the right.

Want more information about Surfing in Uruguay? Check out this great article on

[Article first published November 2014. Last updated – see publish date]




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  1. Hola Karen!! Thanks for this article, I was recently watching the sunset from El Puertito De Buceo and I got a hankering for going sailing on that beautiful water! Thanks to your article here I was able to get in contact with these guys and they are still in business. The cost of the pamperito with the captain that can take three passengers, has gone up to nine hundred pesos. We’re planning to go the 18th, and I will come back here and let you know how it goes and give you some updated pricing for the other things as well.👍

  2. Great post. Will surely check out Full Sailing when I visit Montevideo. Sight-seeing from a boat sounds wonderful. The courses that you provide seem interesting, will definitely take up a couple of classes. Your prices are certainly affordable. Will most probably be visiting with friends and family so renting a boat would definitely be an enjoyable activity.

  3. Thanks for this great intro to Uruguay. Am thinking about traveling there sola soon–April, maybe May–and welcome any input you have. I prefer “experiencing” a country more than sunbathing on a beach; I do “tourista” stuff that’s interesting though don’t make it the basis of my travel. I like to walk/wander all day in cities and see what I see//strike up conversations with local people, and get to the “profundo” part of a country for a true perspective on the culture and lifestyles. Am thinking about Colonia/Montevideo/perhaps drive the coast to visit small towns/visit Florida province – perhaps some places you mention. What else can you suggest that is accessible/of interest? I will probably combine this trip with a visit to Iguassu and Brazil…Rio, perhaps the Amazon. I’m just beginning to think about it, so am a bit “ignorant” still.

    1. Hi Ellen, this all sounds great (you have definitely been studying this site!), and Uruguay is a GREAT country for solo female travelers. We get a lot staying at our little guesthouse in Montevideo. We once had a guest in her early 60s come to stay for a week and she started hanging out with the tango crowd. She had such a good time she ended up coming back for a month a year later! Not knowing how long you have means it’s not easy to advise you further… Best, Karen

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