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Most people are prepared to wait until the pandemic abates around the world before making any final decisions. But some are very keen to get out of the country where they are now and get to Uruguay as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT UPDATEUruguay borders to remain closed to tourism for the austral summer

What are Uruguay’s entry requirements currently?

As Uruguay continues to have a relatively “good” pandemic, more and more people from around the world are looking at Uruguay as a safe long-term option for themselves and their families. 

This is particularly the case with Argentines who are additionally facing severe economic issues in their own country. But many other nationalities are also interested. Surprisingly, even US citizens are seeing the value in having a Uruguayan passport, as this could allow them to travel to Europe.

Exceptions to Uruguay border closure

By Decree 104/20, the government confirms that the borders are closed until further notice to all people except:

  1. Uruguayan citizens
  2. People with resident status (this is being interpreted to include those who have already applied for that status and whose applications are pending), subject to some limited exceptions
  3. People claiming refugee status
  4. People coming to reunite with family members (including parents, spouses, partners, children under 18 years old or those with disabilities)
  5. Other humanitarian reasons not included in other exceptions, where properly justified
  6. Temporary entry for work, economic, business, study or judicial matters where the Ministry competent in the particular area has given its consent and where the person must enter immediately.

Thinking of moving to Uruguay?

Relocation consultations

With Karen A Higgs, the founder of Guru’Guay & an internationally-recognised expert, regarding your unique situation and needs.

What to do if you don’t fall into these categories?

Applying for Uruguay residence from abroad via a Uruguayan consulate however it’s not without its complications.

Studying Spanish If you have five weeks to spare, Academia Uruguay, a reputable language school based in Montevideo has been successfully processing applications for people from the US and Europe to study Spanish and they told Guru’Guay how it works.


Mark Teuten of Teuten Associates is a British lawyer based in Montevideo since the 1990s. He has law degrees from both the UK and Uruguay. He can help you with your residency applications, setting up a registered company and other legal matters. Guru’Guay has recommended him to our readers who have praised his trustworthiness, clarity, prompt communication even over great distances and careful advice regarding courses of action.

This article is for information purposes only. Please consult with a lawyer as to your particular circumstances.

[Article created: August 3 2020. Last updated at the date above]

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