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Let’s get to brass tacks about flights to Uruguay.

THUMBS UP Chile/Brazilian-owed LATAM

THUMBS DOWN American Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas.

Airlines to avoid

Based on my non-scientific analysis*, the two airlines that are responsible for most cancelled flights and lost luggage are Aerolineas Argentinas and American Airlines.

So if you’re planning to fly into Uruguay, what are your options?

Coming from the USA and Canada

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American Airlines is the only airline to offer direct flights from the US to Uruguay however they appear to reserve their crappiest planes for these long-haul trips – and it is not unusual for them to cancel the flight down.

And now (March 2020) American have announced that they are suspending flights to Uruguay from May 17 till December 17 2020.

So it’s time to choose good Latin American airlines like LATAM, Avianca and COPA.

They have more leg room than the US airlines and have individual movie screens. This is an important detail when flights are long!

A flight with connections may only take a couple of hours longer than a direct flight (11.5 hours vs 9.5 hours for the direct flight).

While transfers in some airports can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when you don’t speak the language, changing planes in Santiago (LATAM), Panama City (COPA) and Lima (with Avianca) is a relative breeze.

The only problem with just about any of the flights is that like AA, there is only one flight per day. If you have a delayed connection, you will miss it and have to take the next one in 24 hours. – Pam Ricker regularly flies USA-Uruguay


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Coming from Europe

There are few direct flights from Europe to Uruguay and you will usually have to go through Buenos Aires or São Paulo. Iberia flies direct from Madrid.

To fly via Argentina or Brazil? My preference is through Brazil, especially now that the São Paulo airport has been modernised. Flying via Argentina from Europe means you are actually adding time to your trip as you effectively fly past Uruguay on the way to Argentina, and have to fly “back” again. But it’s not really a huge difference.

I love LATAM – Planes are modern with individual TV screens and their zippy website is really useable to be able to identify the cheapest prices quickly and easily.

Flights from London come through Madrid and Brazil and can take around 16-17 hours at their fastest.

Iberia – Iberia has renewed their aircraft on the Latin American route. Their direct Madrid-Montevideo route takes between eleven and twelve hours. Many thanks to Guru’Guay readers on Facebook for the updates.

Air Europa – often significantly cheaper than the rest. Here in Montevideo I called them on a local line and got to speak to a very helpful human being immediately! And there is no extra charge for booking over the phone. Based in Spain, a flight to Montevideo starting in Valencia was actually as cheap as coming from Madrid.

Air France – I haven’t used them but a travel agent told me they have way better customer service than the other airlines. Think about using them if you are likely to have to alter your ticket.

Coming from Argentina

Aerolineas Argentina are a nightmare. The driver I use to pick up guests at the airport has come close to telling me that he won’t pick up people flying in on Aerolineas any more as he is so tired of them being late and/or cancelling flights. If you can avoid them, do!

Coming from Buenos Aires, if you don’t have much time, I would still take the fast ferry over flying. See my article which explains why I prefer the ferry to the plane coming from Buenos Aires.

Important note: Buenos Aires has two airports – Ezeiza outside of the capital and Aeroparque which is in the capital itself. If you are intent on flying from BA to Montevideo, unless you are already at Ezeiza, then save yourself time and money by getting your flight from Aeroparque.

From the Iguazu Falls

Unfortunately there are no direct flights from Uruguay currently.

Flights with connections from Montevideo to Iguazu go via Buenos Aires (Aerolineas Argentinas) and São Paulo (LATAM). With reasonable connections it’s likely to take you about 6 hours to fly from Iguazu to Montevideo.

Coming from Brazil

There is a reasonable choice coming from Brazil. Direct flights are available from São Paulo, Porto Alegre and occasionally from Rio de Janeiro.

Choose from LATAM or and Brazilian companies, GOL and Azul.

Arrival and departure times from Montevideo

The Carrasco international airport keeps arrivals and departures well updated on their website.

Photo Jimmy Baikovicius via Flickr

[Article first published April 2015, and last updated at the date above]

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