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Uruguay opened its borders to all travellers from November 1st. Travellers must show proof of vaccination. Read all the travel requirements here
After nineteen months with the borders closed to all but citizens and residents, Uruguay finally opened up for the southern hemisphere summer on November 1. Forty-five days on, there are 75 flights into Uruguay at this time. Fifty percent down on flights pre-pandemic.

So which airlines are flying and with what frequencies? We thank the international airport at Carrasco for their assistance and information on flights as of December 17 2021:


  • Iberia flies direct 6 times a week to and from Madrid. 
  • Air Europa flies three a week to and from Madrid.

USA & Canada

See why we prefer Latin American airlines when flying to Uruguay.

  • American Airlines offers direct flights from Miami three times a week begin December 18 on the new BOEING 787 we’ve all been waiting for for so long.
  • Copa flies into Montevideo 2-3 times a day (a whooping 17 times a week) with a connection in Panama. 
  • LATAM flies 1-4 times a day with connections in Peru, Chile or Brazil.
  • Avianca flies into Montevideo via Colombia three times a week.

Latin America

  • Paranair flies 1-2 times a day direct to Paraguay (50-seater plane)
  • GOL Linhas Aéreas flies daily between Sao Pablo (Brazil) and Montevideo.
  • Azul flies four times a week between Porto Alegre (Brazil) and Montevideo.
  • Aerolineas Argentinas flies daily to Montevideo and Punta del Este.
  • Jetsmart is a new low cost airline flying four times a week between Uruguay and Chile from January 2022.

Disclaimer & thanks: This information is provided as a public service. Guru’Guay is not responsible for its accuracy. We would like to thank the director of Passenger Care at Carrasco Airport for his assistance information about frequencies. 

[This article was first published on October 24 2020 and last updated at the date above]

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The latest on the pandemic in Uruguay

April 1 2022 The Uruguay government declared the end of the health emergency on April 1 after 752 days. 84% of the population has received at least one shot. 64% have received at least one (third) booster shot. Click the 'Covid-19' link in the site menu bar for collected reports from Guru'Guay.

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