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The story of the Andes plane crash survivors is one of the great human survival stories of the Twentieth Century.

Andes 1972 Museum

The museum, in Montevideo, honours the survivors of the Andes plane crash. Yes, one of the greatest survival stories of the 20th century is Uruguayan.

Downtown Montevideo by Jimmy Baikovicius

Is Montevideo safe?

Montevideo is one of the safest cities in Latin America but it is still a capital city. Take the regular precautions — and you’ll be just fine. Read on.

Uruguay travel

Get THE architecture guide to Montevideo

A perfect traveller & photographer resource, I unearthed this little gem buried on a gov’t website. Montevideo is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

Gelber closeup

A Wall Street banker in Montevideo

Roberto worked in the international banking world for 20 years. Then he gave it all up to return to his home town of Montevideo and live in the Old City.

Montevideo Old City is blooming

Montevideo’s Old Town is blooming

Ciudad Vieja, the Old Town, is Montevideo’s most socio-economically diverse barrio. Check out how neighbours are bringing locals – and visitors – together.