All about the Department of Canelones

Home to the finest wineries, beautiful secluded beaches and a growing industry

Canelones—the second largest department, or state, in Uruguay—is home to world-class wineries, secluded beaches, the nation’s busiest industrial corridor (Google’s bought land there) and a real estate boom. 

Incredibly it’s been a bit of a secret with nothing written in English till 2022 when Guru’Guay joined forces with Balsa & Asociados to ‘put Canelones on the map‘.

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Discover the hidden gems of Canelones. From cultural heritage places to beautiful beaches, we showcase the best that this department in Uruguay has to offer.

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Buying a new build in Canelones Uruguay

2021 ended with some big news for my family. We bought an investment property in the department of Canelones, 20 minutes from the capital and near the airport.

Canelones is not an area that I ever would’ve considered before but I met a guy called Juan Balsa in a business meeting. He turned out to be a property developer and we hit it off.

Why I trust this real estate company for a new build in Uruguay

New build in Uruguay – a quick overview of what I’m buying

I’m Buying a New Build – Real Estate in Uruguay

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