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This private Uruguay wine tour and tasting will be the highlight of your travels. Venture into Uruguayan wine country at the hand of the friendliest local wine explorers who take care of the logistics, so you can focus on the wine.

Wine Explorers can take you to wineries just minutes from downtown Montevideo or meet you off the boat in Punta del Este or in Jose Ignacio to visit some of Uruguay’s up and coming Atlantic vineyards.

Wine Explorer founder, Verónica González, knows absolutely every one of Uruguay’s wineries. She’s led wine tours for English speakers for almost a decade to all corners of Uruguay.

Uruguayan born-and-bred she’s excited about how wine tourism has grown, particularly in the last decade.

What you should know

Choose the type of tasting that most interests you Wine Explorers works with wineries of all kinds, the majority of which are family-run. Some are very simple and rustic—with the menu and wines accordingly—, others premium experiences. Visit Uruguay’s principal wine roads—in Montevideo & Canelones, Carmelo and Maldonado—or go beyond. If there is a particular tasting experience you are after, just request or ask for suggestions. Ask Veronica if you can access a winery that do not offer tours to the public for a really special experience.

Group expeditions twice a month If you are looking for to meet people in Uruguay as well as drink fine wine in beautiful surroundings, or if you’re an foreigner in Uruguay, you will love Wine Explorers’ relaxed group tours into wine country and gatherings at selected city wine venues. Regulars are a diverse group, from retirees to business executives to diplomats. It’s a great way to meet people—everyone sits at group tables—and it’s an excellent way to get to know Uruguay more. Just sign up to their newsletter (which is in English) for more information.

Wine Explorers is the only wine tour company in Uruguay endorsed by the Uruguayan National Institute of Viticulture (INAVI) as “of national interest for Uruguayan wine culture”.


Information on both private tours and group events is available on the Wine Explorers website

To reserve, ask for more information and to sign up for the Wine Explorers mailing list, contact Verónica via email at or phone/WhatsApp at +598 97 502 218.


Rates vary depending on wineries visited and what is included. Solo travellers, couples and groups welcome.

Verónica from Wine Explorers

10 Responses

  1. Thank you very much for such a nice review!
    We are happy that you enjoyed your experiences with us.
    It was a great pleasure to meet you and share with you.
    We hope to see you again on another visit to Uruguay!
    Vero & Tavis

  2. I attended three wine tours and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Yes, the wines were excellent, but it’s the experience as a whole that makes the tours so memorable. Great hospitality, delicious food, interesting people from Uruguay and all over the world, good vibes, all embedded in the beautiful landscapes of Uruguay. Verónica and Tavis do an amazing job at organising the tours and guiding through the day so that you can just relax and enjoy.

  3. We had a wonderful day trip with Veronica, visiting both the Pizzorno and Artesana bodegas. Lunch at Artesana with wine pairing was delicious…relaxed…a lovely day in the country. Veronica is lots of fun, and we enjoyed our conversations very much. She made everything very easy, as we were free to taste to our heart’s content without worrying about driving. I wish we could have stayed much longer; we would join the Wine Explorers group and continue discovering many more exceptional Uruguayan wines. Thanks Veronica!

  4. On December 19, 2018, Charlie and I had the great pleasure to have a personal winery tour at two bodegas near Montevideo with our guide Verónica González from Wine Explorers Uruguay and two other wine enthusiasts Nancy and Sanda.
    We visited the cellars of the Bodega Castillo Viejo and had some very fine home-made appetizers paired with some great wines from the label CATA MAYOR.
    The hosts were very gracious and accommodating and our tour guide Verónica was super helpful and friendly.
    What was most amazing to me that such a small bodega, almost incognito in the countryside, had an export capacity of 1 million bottles of wine.
    The next bodega in the vicinity we visited was PIZZORNO, a family estate since 1910. Here we consumed a delightful lunch and more delicious wines.
    Unfortunately I was getting really tired with jet lag and a cold because of our recent travels from Alaska to Montevideo, and I kind of spread out on a lounge chair outside and fell asleep.
    Verónica took good care of me; she is a great person and now we are members of Wine Explorers Uruguay too.
    Rosmarie and Charlie

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  5. Wine Explorers has become the most brilliant highlight and experience of our month! We’ve been attending for six months, and never had any negative moments, ever. Veronica is the ultimate hostess/guide/leader, with skills a hotel concierge could only dream of; Tavis is her partner both bilingually and necessarily, performing all the heavy lifting. Simply put, there is no better way to experience Uruguay and it’s wine, make new friends, and share a most convivial day in this country!

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  6. I really enjoy this group. I’m always surprised by the variety the quality and the range of wives that are available here. The winery owners in locations are a real treat you actually get to meet them shake hands with a zipline with them have a meal with them and talk to them not something you can do on an everyday daily basis anywhere. It’s a perfectly rare and delightful experience in addition you’ll find some wines at some wineries ancient wine and wood which is not something you see in South America very often and if you know anything about wines that makes that wine very special most in taste an inability to hold on to it for a while as it ages and still get the best from the product. If you haven’t joined yet I would urge you to do so and see for yourself the experience you are missing hosted by are wonderful hosts Veronica and Travis. See you at the next excursion!

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  7. We have attended many of the explorations with Veronica and the Wine Explorers group over the past two years; and have met so many great people over shared Uruguayan food and wine. Uruguay has an incredible variety of fantastic vineyards, and Wine Explorers allows us to experience such a wide variety with no hassle and reasonable prices in a friendly, low pressure environment. You don’t have to be a professional wine taster to enjoy. It’s a true Uruguayan experience and definitely a “must do”! Cheers to Wine Explorers!!

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  8. I’ve attended many Wine Explorer events and they are always great, well organized and fun tours. Its great way to explore Uruguay.

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  9. Excelente el servicio y la organización. No se lo pierdan! Muy bueno y Verónica una genia total, atenta a cada detalle.
    Una experiencia inolvidable y con mucho sabor.

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  10. Moving to Montevideo and not having a car was very limiting, then we discovered “Wine Explores” These monthly visits to Bodegas (vineyards) are the best. We have had great meals and wines and have meet some amazing people that have become friends. My husband and I are both vegetarians and they always make dietary accomandatios. Veronica and Tavis are the best, they take care of everything, so just sit back and relax. Cheers ???

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