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Your Guru has been living here for over fifteen years. Let me help you get started.

Why visit Uruguay?

One of South America’s smallest countries, tucked between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay has it all – sun, sand, progressive political system, the world’s longest carnival, world-class wine, marijuana-legalisation, fabulous architecture, courteous friendly locals, amazing music, authentic tango (not the “for export” kind prevalent in Argentina), historic cafes, great meat…

However amazingly, Uruguay is still pretty much of a secret holiday destination.

My conclusion is that there is very little information available in English about Uruguay as a vacation destination. That’s why I’m here to fill the gap.

Essential reading for planning your trip to Uruguay

Invest in The Guru’Guay Guide in paperback or for your tablet or phone. It’s essential planning input for your trip to Uruguay and you’ll be supporting the UruGuru’s work, for which we are hugely grateful!

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[Page last updated: December 22 2016]

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