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Uruguay Relocation Consultation form

Thank you for choosing me as your trusted resource on Uruguay. It will be an honour to assist you with your research as to whether Uruguay is a great fit for you in the future.

1. Complete the questionnaire below. Just hit reply and then type your answers after each question.

If you’d like to take some time to get back to me, just let me know when to expect your responses. The idea is for this to be as helpful and enjoyable as possible. Maybe plan to complete this one evening over a good bottle of South American red. Remember the more detailed your answers, the better I can prepare for our time together.

2. Advise me of your preference for our meeting by providing three possible days and a range of times. If the weekend is preferable for you I can do that.

I’m honoured to be assisting you in making such an important decision and really look forward to our consultation.