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Hi there 👋

Thank you for your interest in having your property included in the brand new Uruguay Properties & Investments section of the Guru’Guay site.

Your property will be listed on Uruguay’s most popular independent English-language website for six months. Last year, the Guru’Guay site received 105,000 visitors—30% of them from the United States—despite the pandemic.

It will feature a 120-word description in native English and up to 12 photos. There is also an equivalent page in Spanish. Potential buyers will share their contact information and you will receive their names, email and phone numbers automatically by mail.


Your property will appear on Guru’Guay for six months from the day the listing is published online.


How long will my property be published

Your property will appear on Guru’Guay for six months from the day the listing is published online. After the period has expired, you can choose whether or not to renew.

How much text will my ad include?

The text shall be up to 120 words.

Will the text I provide be edited?

Yes. We will take the data you provide to write a review that we know suits the style of our readers. That’s the value of Guru’Guay.

How many pictures will my ad include?

Up to 12 pictures (provided by you).

What does the position of my ad in the listing depend on?

The position in the list is by date of entry, in descending order, i.e. the most recently published (or renewed) advertisements are those listed above.

Will there be an invoice for the transaction?

Yes. We will ask you for your billing details on the request form.

Can I propose a payment method other than those offered?


Will my property be featured in the Guru'Guay newsletter?

Yes, the real estate section of Guru’Guay will be promoted in the newsletter on a regular basis and your property will be part of the promotion.

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About Guru’Guay

Guru’Guay is digital word of mouth. We love Uruguay and love to promote the country as a travel and living destination.

Founded in 2013, our website receives 125,000 visitors per year—30% from the US and 17% from Uruguay (mostly resident foreigners).

Our two printed guides—about Uruguay and Montevideo—are Amazon bestsellers. “The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay” was launched in 2017 from the British Embassy. Guru’Guay prioritizes the growth of Uruguay’s tourism sector year-round. The second edition of “The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo” (2020) was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and the Municipality of Montevideo.

We keep Uruguay at the forefront of the digital world. We launched an audiobook version of the Montevideo guide (declared of interest by the IMM Montevideo) and have carried the Uruguayan flag on the world’s leading travel podcasts.

International reference – Guru’Guay CEO Karen A Higgs is internationally recognized as the English-speaking expert on travel and life in Uruguay by the New York Times, National Geographic, and other major media outlets. She has been named one of the most influential people in Uruguay and “the voice of foreigners living in Uruguay“.

Our audience includes:

  • English-speaking travelers and potential emigrants interested in Uruguay.
  • English-speaking foreigners living in Uruguay (approx. 30,000 people).
  • Wealthy Uruguayans delighted with Guru’Guay’s fresh perspective on their country.
  • The international media and other guidebook writers.
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