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If you’re lucky enough to be eligible to travel to Uruguay at the moment, here’s what you need to know about current travel requirements and restrictions due to coronavirus.

To travel to Uruguay you must:

  • have a negative PCR coronavirus test carried out at place of origin or in transit no more than 72 hours before flying to Uruguay (children six years old or under are exempt)
  • sign a sworn health declaration (usually on the plane) that you have not had symptoms or contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases in the 14 days prior to admission
  • have proof of accommodation in Uruguay and contact information (phone number) for traceability
  • have health insurance including COVID coverage if you do not have coverage from a Uruguay company.

On arrival:

  • Take private transportation to your accommodation (not mass transit where you could infect others)
  • Quarantine for seven days and take a second PCR test. If your test is negative you’re no longer need to quarantine
  • or quarantine for 14 days.

The sworn health declaration

The sworn declaration or affidavit is a form normally completed on the plane before entering the country and confirms the signer agrees to quarantine as well the points mentioned above.

Respect the quarantine period

Respecting quarantine regulations on arrival to Uruguay goes without saying. But in case of temptation to try the system, know that the health ministry does spot checks. I know folks who received surprise visits from inspectors while quarantining.

Anyone found contravening their sworn health declaration can be charged on two counts: crimes against public health and document falsification. The government is analysing penalties including fines and deportation.

What about people who’ve been vaccinated for COVID?

There’s currently no news about this. As soon as there is, we’ll link to it here. For now, the requirements you’ve read above apply.


Sources: The Uruguay government website  

Guru’Guay provides this information as a public service and cannot take responsibility for its accuracy. 

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