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Stella Lorenzo

Property appraisal and inspiration

Stella Lorenzo Architects (SLA) is the company we turn to for property appraisal and inspiration for renovations, especially of older properties. We love working directly with the director, Stella Lorenzo, her professionalism and creativity and commitment to her clients.

Buying and renovating a property is always risky. More so in a new country where you may not speak the language or know the building standards.

I met Stella Lorenzo since 2000 when we had just moved to Uruguay and were looking for a family home (this is a really personal tip). SLA had been recommended by a satisfied client who was a colleague of mine. My husband and I had narrowed down a number of properties we really liked. We hired SLA and Stella accompanied us to appraise the houses particularly for structural issues—especially the ubiquitous problem here in Montevideo of damp.

As we were new to Uruguay, she educated us regarding what to look for regarding whether a house was well-built or not. She was knowledgeable of neighbourhood factors that would affect our quality of life and house prices in the future. We felt very supported during our decision to buy.

Since then we have hired SLA five times. Stella’s advice and vision, particularly regarding the appraisal and renovation of the older types of properties that we love and her ideas often surprise and delight us.

What you should know

Real estate appraisal and ideas Stella’s forte is appraising property and sniffing out structural problems. Sellers have no legal obligation to point out structural issues in Uruguay. Hire Stella to accompany you to one or more properties. She is also excellent at re-imagining the use of spaces. She can help you see the potential of some of Uruguay’s older properties and give you great ideas for modernisation.

Quality control SLA is certified ISO 9001:2000 in quality control since 2003. The studio was one of the first in Uruguay to seek out and obtain this international qualification.

At Guru’Guay we normally recommend fluent or near fluent English speakers when possible. SLA are a Spanish-speaking company with Stella speaking some basic English.


Stella Lorenzo & Associates
Av Italia 3148 / 801, Montevideo, Uruguay
Email [email protected] 
Telephone/WhatsApp: +598 98 441096

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